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Monday, July 13, 2015

I might be the most rubbish "fashion" blogger in the world as I'm really struggling to find a good place for OOTD pictures. 

I want to show you what I'm wearing but I either forget to ask someone to take a picture or can't find somewhere to balance my new camera (I'm so scared of breaking it). My old camera also has a really great self-timer feature where you can do a custom number of seconds before the first picture and how many pictures it takes. My new camera has a 2 second or 10 second and will take 5 shots but they are rapid fire. I need to read the manual. 

Yesterday I went to Liverpool for the #NWBloggerEvents and the weather was horrible as I was leaving home, it was chilly and raining but as soon as I got to Birchwood the sun came out and I instantly regretted my outfit.  

Coat - Asda It's a size too small but as it's not the style you'd wear closed I feel pretty good about it. 

Top - Primark  Size 20 £8, I'm not sure if this was a bit cliché to wear for a day in Liverpool but as soon as I saw this I wanted it. I don't even like the Beatles! 

Jeans - New Look Size 24 Last year. I'd forgotten about these and they were rediscovered in my clothes short out of last weekend. 

I had a really lovely day in Liverpool and despite my train stress (when do I not have train stress!) I was super easy to get to Liverpool from Manchester and I would love to go there for a weekend of shopping with my mum. In fact I might even book a night or two once her foot is better and she's got her next two holidays out of the way. 

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