#OOTD What I wore at Style XL

Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm still writing my main Style XL post. I'm struggling to put into words the awesomeness of the whole weekend. From spending time with amazing bloggers, to the catwalk shows and meeting the brands. 

I have a draft post which is 1500 words and that just talks about the brands and it's all a bit formal and really doesn't seem to express how good it was. 

I feel like I want to talk about the weekend constantly but I can't get it down on the blog. I did a post about the places I ate over the weekend and now I thought I'd show you the Scarlett and Jo dress I bought. 

While I'd planned to be ultra casual all weekend, this dress wouldn't fit into my case so it mean I had to wear it (any excuse). 

I got a lot of compliments on the dress and I'm so happy with it. Even better it was a bargain £20. I almost missed out as all of these dresses seemed to have gone but the very lovely Daisy decided to only buy one of the two dresses she'd picked out and this is the one she'd decided not to get and I'd asked her to keep hold of one if she decided against buying both. THANK YOU! I still feel a bit guilty that I got it and so many people missed out on getting one. 

The dress is a size 24 and I think the 22 would have been better for the top half as looking at these pictures it looks a little baggy but as the elastic is quite strong I think I would feel too constricted by the elastic. 

I was worried I'd feel too warm in the dress as I am very warm blooded and over heat easily. I did get warm but I don't remember feeling too hot. 

I do wish this came in a sleeveless version as that would be far more up by street. The do make skirts with a similar wide elastic at the waistband. I'm thinking of trying one and I can wear my own black vest top to create the look I prefer to wear. 

There is a built in underskirt with some mesh but on me the dress doesn't seem to have too much volume. I'm not sure if pictures I've seen of these dresses people are holding the skirts out or have added petticoats to add some volume or this is a different style of dress. This isn't an issue for me as I'm planning on making this a work dress but thought it was worth mentioning. Let me know? 

I've really liked this style of dress since they first came out but couldn't justify the price as I know It would end up n my work wardrobe. For £20 I will wear this a lot and not feel like I need to keep it for best. 

Did you go to Style XL? Did you grab a bargain. If you did leave your links in the comments and I'm excited to read all the posts and see the event through other peoples eyes. 

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