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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

When Joe Bloggers got in contact with me recently and asked me if I'd like to involved with Hilary's Sleep Better campaign I jumped at the chance. 

My sleep pattern has been atrocious to say the least. If I could get away with it I think I'd sleep 23 hours a day (I'm sure I was a cat in a previous life). On a weekend I might get 10 /11 hours but week day I'm luck to get 3 or 4 hours which really isn't good for me. 

I need to get myself into a good routine with my bed times, and I have really good intentions but I don't seem to be going to sleep before 1 or 2am, then I keep waking up and worrying I'll over sleep which inevitably leads to exactly that!  

***Wavey woooshy music alert***

When I first went to high school I was given the bed time of 9pm.

In Year 7, it was in bed by 9pm ready for sleep. As the years went on I kept to 9pm buy pushing it to going up for a bath at 9pm, then watching some TV but I don't ever remember asking for a later bed time.

I remember being in Year 11 and disappearing to bed at 9pm and my mum coming into my room and asking why I was in bed already.

"Errr this is the bed time you gave me" Her reply has always stuck with me "WHEN YOU WERE 11!" 

I don't remember my friend tell me their bed times or ever thinking to ask to go later and I guess in my own way I was rebelling / pushing the boundaries by only going up at 9pm and in reality my parents thought I was a bit odd being 16 years old taking myself to bed at 9pm.

***Wavey woooshy music***

It's a lesson I really could do with relearning and giving myself a constant bed time really does help me, but life has so many distrsctions.

Hilarys have published Ten Top Sleep Tips by Dr Lauren Kita along with this I was sent a care parcel to try and help me get a better night sleep. 

I have to say the parcel was the strangest shape I tried to take a picture but I think in my excitement to open it it was all blurry. 


Yoga Mat - At first I was confused a sleeping mat?  Will sleeping on the floor help me? I need to learn not to listen to my dad who said it was a camping mat and the label says sleeping. 

What else look a lot like sleep mats? Yoga Mats! 

I felt like such a fool once I'd cottoned on, it makes so much more sense than sleeping on the floor. 

I've only tried yoga once before and I can see how it would be a good to relax. 

Create a Nest 

My room is the only space in the house that I can call my own and it's very multifunctional, I blog, I sleep, I watch TV. It truly is my own sanctuary. I'm currently on a mission to get it organised, get rid of things I don't need and I'm slowly getting there as you can see I have a way to go but I got so much done at weekend and now as the week progresses I just seem to be moving things and creating taller piles, but it isn't quite as bad as the work in progress pictures below. 

I know once it's all tidy it will be a total haven, I'm going to try and limit the amount of time I spend on my lap top in bed and I really wish I hadn't got a TV in here, but since I've come back off holiday I haven't plugged it back in and I have no real desire to do so. We do tend to over stimulate ourselves before bed by using things like TV's, laptops. Do you switch your laptop off and then grab your phone? I know I do. one of the things I do is I sit in bed with my laptop blogging and I have my phone propped up watching YouTube videos!!! 

Is it any wonder I'm having trouble sleeping? 

In my care parcel I was also sent some lavender oil, lavender really does make me sleepy and before my holiday I had got myself back into a better routine, I think that a couple of drops on my pillow case did help. I'm thinking I should add some to the fresh bedding I've got on now?

I was also lucky enough to receive a bodyclock lamp / alarm clock. This is fantastic as it has a sunset feature as well as the sunrise alarm (it also has a buzzer alarm just to make sure you're up) 

One of the things that is well regarded for a good night sleep is to make the room as dark as possible, Until recently I've always had quite light curtains and since changing to dark grey curtains which do block out a lot of light I find it hard to sleep in the pitch black. I think this is unusual as I know a few people who can only sleep when a room is pitch black and have bought black out blinds. I'm not scared of the dark but I do think I let my imagination wander and for years I've slept with the TV on but it's such an easy distraction. The sunset feature gradually dims and its great, I tend to put it on about 3/4's and snuggle down and sleep. 

Keep a Journal

Notebook - For years I kept a diary and I think I kid myself a bit thinking my blog is my journal but  good old paper diary can be great.

I really like the thing a few people on face book have been doing which is writing down three things you are grateful for or have made you happy in that day. I think it started as a tag and you had to do it for a couple of days but I know a few people who do it every day and I really think this is a lovely idea and a little bit different from the school girl diaries of woeful tales.

There are a lots of things we can do to help us get a better nights sleep a lot are common sense and some are things I really am going to work on. A decent bed (I need a new one and mine is only a year old - I want to blame it for my bad sleep but I think the internet is more to blame), Nice bedding is always lovely (clean, dried outside bedding) 

Now I'm back from holiday I'm going to make the effort to get a decent bed time routine and I want to be asleep before 11pm (ok midnight) every weekday. I will get up before (around) 9.30am on weekends. I will try not to spend too much time on my phone once I get into bed. 

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