Style XL 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

Style XL was the most amazing event and was organised by Leah who managed to put together one of the best events I've been to. All the Plus Size Event's I've been to have been good and I don't want to detract from that but I think because I've been around this community for a while and feel like I' finally part of it rather than lurking round the outskirts (I do a bit but I'm starting to feel much more part of something). 

I had time to catch up with people, no where near as many people as I wanted to. I had time alone (Only child here, I can only spend so long with people before I need some alone time). I got to meet new people, catch up with people I've not seen in too long. 

I went down to Birmingham on the Friday as I like to be early and didn't want to feel rushed travelling on Saturday morning. I'd booked a Travelodge not far from the venue and I like to think I had the penthouse. (Ok it was just on the top floor) 


We got to the venue early as Daisy was the social media champ for the day and we met up with Nikki in reception and she took us through to the room and we got ourselves a table in the back corner so we could have a base and keep all our bags together.

I also spent time checking out the brands and I'm sure I'm missing some stalls nut just wanted to give a quick round up of each stand. 

Yours: Were there showing some of their products on the catwalk shows as well as having a rack of clothes that we could browses through. They also gave us a goodie bag which had a pen and a W7 Nail polish. They were also dishing out flower lei’s and had a photo cut out set up. They also gave me a card for discount at the Bull Ring store, which I sadly didn’t get chance to use but I really want the purple top The Smyth modelled on the catwalk.

Apples and pears: As well as participating in the catwalk shows they also had things for sale. I have my eye on a couple of things but couldn't make my mind up what I wanted to buy.

Topsy Curvy: I fell in love with a jumpsuit in the Topsy Curvy Catwalk show and the girls from Topsy Curvy were really lovely. They let people take their items to try on in the Loo’s and I have to say myself and Kerry-Ann were gone for quite a while we tried on a couple of things each (and chatting to people in the loo’s) I’m regretting not buying it now after all the positive comments I’ve had from people on Instagram. I’m planning a trip to their shop in Whitefield fairly soon. I just need to see when my friend is free.

A Rose Like This: Rosie was their showing her final show pieces from her degree show. She is so talented and has put together a collection of things I want to own. My favourite piece from her collection was a dress with a vintage patterned fabric top and a sheer fabric skirt that had a self-pattern of spots. Her show was fun, had props and I’ve since seen people asking for commissions. Including a wedding dress. I have no doubt she will be a success in the future and she is such a beautiful person inside and out. Good Luck Rosie.

Clairabella's Closet  – A stockist of Lady v and a has her own designs. There were a lot of dresses for sale and I saw a kitten cardie that I really wanted to but I couldn’t justify £40. I pretty warm blooded and rarely get cold so my cardies live on the back of my chair at work and this was to pretty to live it’s life like that.There was a wide range of accessories including earrings, broaches, Necklaces and much more. If you’re a long time reader you will know how much I love broaches and have a vast collection. I don’t wear them that often any more. I tend to put them on my winter coats. I bought cherry broach and some rose earrings. 

Bonprix  - Had a couple of competitions running on the day. The first was a twitter competition and  was to pick your favourite item from the selection they’d brought with them and hang a tag with your details and the winner would win the item they’d picked. I was really taken with a burgundy pleather skirt but as much as I liked it. I don’t think I’d wear it, I picked out a cardie that was grey, burgundy with neon pink detailing. The second competition was to take a selfie with the Bonprix speech bubble on instagram and they’d put together 10 goodie bags and were picking winners throughout the day. I was lucky enough to win one of these.

Simply Be & Jacamo: I had a lovely moment when I was recognised by one of the people running this stand she knew my blog and my name and I feel awful as my mind went blank and I can’t for the life of me remember her name. I think I was shocked a brand (a big brand) knew my name. I keep saying I don’t like the colour yellow but out of all the clothes they showed in their catwalk I want a yellow floral shirt.

Scarlett and Jo – They had a sample sale selling  mainly size 24 I tried a few things but none fitted comfortably and ll the things I liked had high necks which I don’t wear. Then Daisy (the beautiful, wonderful, kind, sweet Daisy) decided she only wanted one of the two dresses she’d picked out so I bought the other one. It’s the red poppy 2in1 dress. I’ve loved this style since they came out but could never justify buying one but at £20 I’ll wear this for work, It feels special and I feel good in this dress and I got lots of compliments.

Curvy Kate – I know that my boobs are too small for their products but I kept going over and looking at the set’s they’d brought with them and finally towards the end of the day I plucked up the courage to be fitted. I did mention that I’d be to small but the bra I was wearing was so badly fitted to me (Just a cheap one I’d bought myself) I decided I was worth a try. The girls were really lovely and I felt really comfortable with them. We stood behind the changing pods and I could see out so I’m sure so I’m assuming people could see me. The confidence boost I got on the day helped me to do this. I generally buy a 40B or C. They said I’m very much in between sizes and if they made them a 41C would be my fit. 40 back was too tight on the slackest setting but the D cup was pretty much spot on and the 42D was far too big in the back and cup. Even on the tightest setting. I felt a lot better supported in the 40D, I could see a massive difference in It I decided to buy that one and use an extender. I’ve worn it a couple of days a on its own and it is too tight I just need that one extra row of hooks and I think it would be perfect.

Nicky Rockets (the stall wasn’t there due to traffic) but as they are so awesome they deserve a mention. They were missed and almost everyone I spoke to were willing them to get to us but It wasn’t to be.

There was such an amazing and uplifting atmosphere in the room, everyone was so friendly and there was a constant sounds of squeals as people met with people they’ve been chatting on line to but have never met before and catching up with people they only get to see any events like these.
I don’t feel like I spoke to half the people I wanted to. I said hello to a lot of people but I wish we could have chatted more.

There was also a huge support for all the people who walked the catwalk. I’ve just watched back some of the clips I recorded of the cat walk shows and I’m sat here with a smile on my face. I need to sit down and edit it and put some copy write free music over the top. 

Leah has worked so hard to bring together not only brand, bloggers and everyone else who came to the event. She created a positive and safe space. People felt comfortable to try things on in the main room. I for one took my top off and tried on dresses in the main room. It was before the official opening time but I didn’t feel like I needed to go to the loo’s or use a changing pod. But there were changing pods for people who didn’t feel comfortable and I’m sure most of the brands were happy for people to take items to the loo’s to try on.

There were two other parts to the weekend. Model XL on the Saturday Night and Sunday was a day of Workshops. More about these will be coming soon. 

I took a lot more pictures and I've added them into an Album on Facebook if you want to take a look.

I’m already missing the people I spent time with and can’t wait till we call all meet up again. The strength and positivity these people give me is far more than they will ever know and for that I thank them all. 

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