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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Socialising over food played a great part of my weekend and it was lovely to spend time in smaller groups to chat to people. While the main Style XL was awesome and amazing you I only spoke to the majority of people for brief periods on the Saturday. 

As I took pictures of some of my meals I thought i'd share them with you. 

Jamie's Italian 

I met with Tanya and Kerry-Ann when I arrived in Birmingham and we headed to get some lunch from Jamie's Italian.

We started with Cocktails which were very very nice, we all had different and I can't for the life of me remember the names of them! I think mine was the Amalfi Collins. 

I decided to get three snacky things rather than a main course, I couldn't decide what I wanted and seemed a good way to try a few new things 

Crispy fried mini ravioli stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta & parmesan, served with Sicilian tomato sauce
 Wow these were crunchy with a soft centre and I could have happily eaten another portion of them.

With garlicky lemon mayo, chilli, parsley & fried garlic
I was a bit put off at first as there were bits of squid and while baby squid  rather than rings that i've had before. As I was with people I'd not met before I just ate it and it tasted so good. I'm glad I pushed through a food barrier to try something I felt a bit squeamish about 

With rosemary & Parmesan 

I expected these to be potato dusted with polenta but they are polenta squashed into chip shapes, they have to be one of the nicest chip type products i've had for a while. 

Everything was so nicely presented and we had a table outside which was great as we were in a really sheltered spot. All the staff were really friendly and they even offered to keep our bags behind a counter inside out of the way and as we paid they brought them out for us. Which they really didn't have to do. 

The Handmade Burger Co

I was glad I went for nibbles at Jamie's as later on I met up with Tanya , Becky and a few others (I'm really sorry I'm not sure who all the others were. I think they were from Apples and Pairs) 

I have been craving sweet potato fries since March and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The portion size was tiny compared to the regular chips and they didn't have much flavour so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect sweet potato fries. 

 I was torn between a couple of burgers but as recently I've been wanting to eat avocado and I've been getting Mexican Chicken Bagels from Bagel Nash so decided to get the bacon avocado burger. The bread and the burger was really tasty but the avocado was more mushy than I was expecting (i thought slices) and the bacon was cold. It tasted ok but i've had nicer.

Five Guys

After Style XL we had a couple of hours so myself, Kathryn and Daisy This was my first experience of  Five Guys and I really enjoyed it. It is very much a novelty and I made and error in my choice of drink (Peach Sprite Zero) 

With it being my first time I kept my order simple, Plain hot dog, regular fries and a soft drink. I really enjoyed this and I think it has to be the most fun meal of the weekend food wise. It was a great novelty having it in a bag. You got so many chips. One regular between the three of us would have been enough I think. I ate what was in the tub but you get loads more in the bag. 

The Old Crown 

Debz had booked a table for Sunday lunch after Style XL and nine of us headed to The Old Crown which had a sign outside saying it was the oldest inn, in Birmingham. Debz had found it via a random google search and it was a great little pub. Actually it wasn't that little. It was a rabbit warren of rooms and looked like it had a decent beer garden.

As well as Debz and myself there was also Sharon, Jerry, Kate, April, Amber, Tammy & Bianca (Sorry I don't have links to the others blogs but if you send me a message I will add them in).

I had two courses but I really did only need the main meal, but it was delicious and so nicely presented.

Bruscetta which was a huge portion and really tasty. The salad was really fresh and I really liked the dressing on the side salad.

For the main course I went for Turkey and Beef roast dinner. On the menu you could choose two cooked meats and the choice was ham, turkey and beef. I almost wish I'd just asked for beef as it was really nice but I did enjoy the turkey and stuffing.

I still need to write the posts for the main event but I'm still trying to process all the amazing times I had and I've spent a good couple of hours trying to upload some of the pictures to my facebook page and they are finally up.

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