Weekend Haul Featuring Sainsburys, Home Bargains and BodyCare

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm sure I've said this before but I really need to go on a spending ban... I buy so much and these are the things I got last weekend, this weekend I went and bought more things I could have probably (definitely) done without but that's another story. 

I keep thinking I will only buy essentials which to be fair some of these things are. Others are whim purchases that I really, really didn't need. 

Creative Colour - This is most definitely a whim purchase if ever I've bought one. It's a grown up colouring book / magazine and I spotted it as I nipped across the top aisles to grab some ice. I already own two colouring books that I rarely touch.  


Gillette Satin Care - In my last empties I shared by used up last saving gel so this is classes as an essential. I've not used this one before and I have to say it was the gold can that sold it to me. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it will be good. 

Goody Hair Brush -  This looks like a Denman briush of my childhood and I really should just bite the bullet and buy another Denman brush but wanted to try this. It does have a bit of weight behind it. I've used it a few times to brush my hair and it seems pretty good. I've not used it to dry my hair with yet. 

Afro Comb - I left my Denman shower de-tangler on holiday so picked this up for my in shower comb and it's not as good as the Denman but for 79p it'll do. 

AirWick Reed Difusser in Crisp Linen and Lilac -  I love the smell of this but it's sooooooo strong. I've shoved it inside the bottom of the wardrobe and my room smells amazing. I just wish it wasn't as strong as it's really quite and attractive bottle. 

Antihistamines - One a DAY! I seem to be taking 3 a day (I have spoken to a doctor about this) my hay fever is out of control and they last about 3 hours. I can never decide which antihistamine works best for me. I've been prescribed stronger ones from a doctor but as I have to take them every day one I can't afford the prescription charges and they sent me loop and really didn't agree with me. The doctor agreed with me and I take up to three over the counter ones (most days I take one) 

Home Bargains

Garnier deodrant - I decided to take a break from Mitchum. I've been using it for quite a while now and I accidentally bought the scent free one and I really don't like it so decided to have a break and I have a bit of buyers remorse. I don't feel like it keeps me all that fresh but it has been extremely warm so it might not have had a fair chance. 

Nivea in shower aftersun -  I was looking everywhere for this to take on holiday and could I find it anywhere? NO! I've only used this once and I wasn't all that impressed. I didn't use any additional moisturiser after my shower and I noticed part way through the day i'd started to go a little bit scaly.  I really like the in shower body conditioner so I should have just bought that and I think this was a bit dear at £3.99 (Home Bargain prices) but I will keep using it but use moisturiser as well.  

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