Haul - Superdrug August 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015

In times of stress I shop! I've been nipping in superdrug on my way home a couple of times a week and normally I can happily just browse but over the past couple of weeks I've picked up a few items. 

Some I did need, others I've wanted for a while and others were pure impulse buys. 

Batiste Cherry & Original

This is a product I love and hate in equal measures. I can never decide which scents I like and which one works best or if one works better than another. 

Saying that I keep buying them and do use them. most empties posts over the past few months has had a can or two. 

These were on a members offer but I'm not sure how much as they show on my receipt as full price but then I got £3.00 multibuy saving but I don't think I'd bought anything else on multibuy on that visit. 

I've never tried the cherry one before and it did smell nice but I don't think the smell lingers and it did work quite well at absorbing oil, however my head started the dry shampoo itch within an hour or two. 

MUA - Sweet Sheen Lip Balm

This was my biggest impulse buy they are £2 and one went through at £0.01 which I'm assuming was a mulibuy thing. £8.01 for 5 products isn't bad. (let me justify it!) 

I was originally only going to buy 3 of them, then went back for a 4th but decided to get all 5 as I've done that before with another product and then couldn't get the last one in the collection. 

I swatched these on my hands and they seemed to have quite a good colour pay off, very sheer but I'd expect nothing less from the name of them. 

I think the range of colours is good as they will suit all seasons and I'm excited to wear these. 

Makeup Revolution - Iconic Pro 1, Iconic Pro 2, Focus & Fix Eye Primer, Focus & Fix Concealer & The Viper Mascara

A mix of things I've wanted for a while (The Iconic Palettes) and impulse (everything else) 

I've realised I've accumulated quite a stash of Makeup Revolution products. Some you will have seen but the majority I've never mentioned so I'm planning a post about everything Revolution over the next week or so. 

I've had my eye on the Iconic Pro's for a while and could never decide between them and thought stuff it, for the price £6.99 just get both. 

I haven't had an eye primer in a while and I've had to get rid of both of the concealers I had been using due to them leaking. I haven't really wore any make up in the past fortnight or so which makes it feel ridiculous that I keep buying it but starting September I will be back to wearing it, or at least making and effort.

I have a lot of mascara's to work through but recently I haven't found one I love, I thought it would be worth a try. 

I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Forgiven & Shockwave

Another impulse purchase, I was looking for the heart shaped lipsticks and couldn't find them, so instead of walking away I bought Forgiven (the brown shade). Then the day after I went back and bought Shockwave. 

I don't think I've tried anything like it before. I love both the colours and I haven't tried wearing them out but as I type this I'm wearing shockwave. It doesn't feel sticky but it does still feel wet after being on my lips for a while. I've also applied it and wiped it off and it does leave a nice stain colour behind so it will be interesting to see how they wear and if they go patchy as time goes on. 

I would say that's it for this months purchases as it's pretty much the end of the month but I did make a cheeky feel unique order the other day!


#OutfitAugust2015 Days 26 & 28

Friday, August 28, 2015

I really haven't been able to keep up with this challenge. I've had such good intentions but it wasn't to be. 

I started off trying to wear something different each day but I am the queen of repeat outfits. If I enjoy wearing something I will wear it to death so I didn't really see the point of taking pictures of a repeat outfit but as the month is drawing to a close I'm going to try and snap every outfit.

Day 26 
My Back has been so sore this week and comfort is key my main staples have been jersey trousers and t-shirts. 

Trousers - Asos Size 20 
T-shirt - Encurentro Size XL
Cardie - Primark Size 20
Shoes - H&M

A really comfy outfit and while the top is a little see through it was just about work appropriate! The trousers are a bit tight on the waist but too big on the legs and feel a little bit MC Hammer but they have pockets and being black they are easy to wear for work. 

 Day 28

DDF - Dress Down Friday. I find Fridays the worst day to decide what to wear. As I said at the beginning when I find an outfit I like I wear it and wear it and this Top and Jeggin Combo have been my go to for a few weeks now. 

Jeans - Tesco Size 24
T-shirt - Primark Size 20
Cardie - Primark Size 20
Shoes - Pep & Co

What have you been wearing in August? 


August 2015 - Empties

Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm sure I say this every month but where is this year going ? It's almost September! There seems to be a storm about to start raging outside and I'm about to tuck myself up in bed, type this post and then snuggle down. It might also be the first night I have to close my window fully. 

On to empties. This has been a bit of a slow month empties wise and it's been a little bit all over the place. To find out about that I've filled you in on this post. I'm not even sure if I've worn make up more than twice this month (But I have bought quite a lot and not shared it with you yet!) 

Crabtree and Evelyn Lily Hand cream - These seem to be a staple of blogger goodie bags and I can't for the life of my remeber where I got this from but i'm sure it came in a goodie bag. I was wary about the smell as I'm not keen on floral smells usually but this was present and went through this really quickly. If I didn't have so many other hand creams waiting to be used I would consider repurchasing this. 

Benefit They're Real - I'm really sad to see this mascara come to an end. I've had people comment on my lashes when I've worn it and the formula was nice and not too messy on me. I'd say it gives me more length than volume but it does give some volume. As with everything else I have a lot of mascara's to work through but if I found this on a good enough offer I would buy it again. 

 Clinique Happy - I've had this and Happy Heart as part of a bonus time gift and I really liked both but I can't decide which I like best out of the two. I'm not sure I like it enough to buy a full size product but I would be more than happy to have another sample size in a bonus time gift.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover - This product was kind of a fail for me.  It's a two part mix that you have to shake well and I found that by the time I'd shaken and poured on to my cotton wool it had started to separate and it also took a little while to dissolve the eye make up. I held against my eye for a few seconds before wiping away but found I had to do it a few times before my make up was completely gone. It was fairly cheap and did do the job but I don't think I'd buy it again. 

Girls Only Dry Shampoo - Apart from hating the brand name (It was cheap) this worked quite well. I had two of these and I liked one better than the other but I can't remember if it was the green one or this one that worked better. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this again but might pick on up in a super skint month. 

Deodorant - It's not been a super sweaty month I promise, I think I finished one just as I posted my last empties post and I always have two on the go in case one runs out unexpectedly!  

The Good
The one with the pink label, I've said before I don't feel loyal to a deodorant but since this one has finished I've missed it. I found it works really well and I'm going to buy another one this weekend. 

The Bad 
The other two - The Mitchum unscented. I've seen a few people mention it in empties / favourites posts but I didn't feel "safe" without a scent. 
The Garnier Invisible Dry. This felt a bit too wet and I felt like I needed to reapply it a couple of times a day. 

A quite month really. I'm not sure the next month will be much different but watch this space!   

Events 2015

#PicPerfectWithThree -Mobile Phone Photography Course

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited on a mobile photography course organised by Three Mobile. As you may have guessed this post is going to be photo heavy. I struggled to narrow down my favourites from the day. 

Seven bloggers met up at Ziferblat gallery in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. This is a really cool place where everything inside in free and you pay a few pence and hour to spend time there. I really need to go back and spend a couple of hours there,

Three had enlisted a local photographer Aidan to guide us through some of the pitfalls and give up hints and tips when using mobile phone camera's. We also went on a photo walk around the Northern Quarter followed by an tea, cake and a chance to take some photo's inside.

We started out by looking at some pictures taken by Aidan on the Samsung S6 phone and he talked us through changing the exposure and showed us the same photo with different exposures to see the difference and we talked about colour balance and tips for making outfit pictures looking better.

A lot of it is subjective and depends on the look you are going for, but there were lots of tips for making whites look white and blacks look black.

It made me look at the settings on my camera phone and I can change the ISO and Exposure myself and it's worth taking a few pictures of the same things with different settings to see what works best.

The app snapseed was mentioned which I've never used but need to install on my phone as you can look at and edit the histogram on that app. I'm not that good on the basics of photography which is terrible as I love taking pictures and my original blog was photography (point and shoot but still).

Aidan had also selected a few photo's from our blogs, I was going to say he critiqued them but it was positive hints and tips.

I do want to improve my photography and I feel like I am trying but sometimes I get frustrated and give up. I need to get organised and take pictures at weekend when I can get the light but a lot of the time I'm taking pictures at night and can think of better things to do than setting up a light cube. I might start to make the effort and I love seeing good quality pictures on blogs and I don't do it myself.

I am going to use some of these tips including using a light reflector, You can get small ones for about £5 on amazon and while I don't think I will be taking one out and about with me for product pictures in my room I think they they will help. You can also use white paper and card rather than buying an actual reflector.

Three lent us each a Samsung S6 phone to use for the day and I have to say I'm I love with that phone. I had the Edge version and it felt so nice to use. The camera is the same MP as my S5 but the quality seems so much better. Helped by it not having a cracked camera lens. 

We went for a walk around the Northern Quarter with Aidan on hand to look at our pictures and give us hints as well as sharing his local knowledge.  

Stevenson's Square provided us with lots of photo opportunities with the Graffiti wall in the centre of the square. One of the things we were talking about is getting a blurred background with a camera phone and camera phones don't have the technology (lens size??) to create a large amount of blur, you can get some but not as much as with a DSLR. However when you use the camera to take a macro photo you can get a really good blur and for product pictures I think this would work well. 

We'd take a large piece of heavy weight card with us to act as a reflector. I was really surprised by the difference it make. On the original parts of my face are over exposed and there are a lot of shadow but the reflector as helped to reduce that and my forehead and cheek is still has spots of over exposed area's it looks much better. I'm not going to have an entourage carry a reflector for whenever a selfie moment strikes it has made me think more about the light source and made me see for myself the difference it can make. 

On the way back we stopped in the alley at the side of Stevenson Square and took a selfie of a selfie of a selfie and someone else took a picture of us all taking this. You had to be there I'm sure!! 

After some tea and cake and I played with the camera setting as someone had asked how to take a B&W picture and editing tools were mentioned but I found the grey scale options within the phone camera settings.

We then headed into the next door room to use a continuous lighting system rather than a flash for taking pictures and I wanted to share the stairs and bow and arrow picture I snapped on our way pack to the venue,

I also took this picture of pencils while I was watching the others take selfies in front of the blackboard. I did use some of the tips by moving round as the angle I tried first I was casting a shadow so I did move my position to get a better picture and I'm really happy with how it's turned out.  

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I'm still around

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to say I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I am still about and I am ok. 

Things round here have been really rough and I just haven't had time to switch my lap top on this is one of the first times I've turned it on in a fortnight. 

I haven't even had time to make any notes in my blog note book and I am really missing it. 

2 weeks ago my gran had a fall and had to go to A&E by ambulance. She had a lot of tests and they couldn't find anything wrong apart from her being dehydrated and she seems fine now. 

The day after on the Saturday my mum slipped down 2 stairs and broke her ankle. It's a mess and she's had to have it pinned and plated and later this week she gets a proper cast on. 

She's been miserable and had to go to my grans as she lives in a bungalow but it was hard work and it meant me and my dad travelling to my grans daily. 

I've barley had time to sit down since her accident. She's finally home and things are getting easier and I think once the proper cast is on things will be much much easier for all of us!

I've also done my back in which I think is a result of wheelchair pushing over the weekend. It's feeling a lot easier tonight but last night and this morning I was in agony but volterol has been my friend. 

I'm hoping that by the weekend I will be back in a better grove but don't hold your breath! 

We're all having early nights as my dad is sleeping downstairs and he likes to go to bed before 9 so we're all having early nights! 

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New Make Up Brushes - TJ Hughes

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I went to Bury  for a change of scenery and while I was in TJ Hughes I spotted they had a lot of different Real Techniques brushes. 

They had sets and singles all of which are still on sale in boots for the RRP for really decent prices. The set were around £13 and single brushes between £3.50-£8. 

I also picked up two more Techniques brushes. These were £1.49 each, I have another of their brushes which is a double ended domed eye shadow brush and an angled brush on the other end. 

I've had a look at their website and they still have a lot available but as you have to pay P&P and the fact I really don't need any more brushes. I've decided not to place an order. The old TJ Hughes unit in my town centre is due to reopen in September as TJ Hughes so if they have them in I will get some and I can justify a bonus brush as P&P for my order was £4.99. 

The brushes I picked up are a Real techniques blush brush and eyebrow comb, I love a big fluffy brush in general and i'm so bad at applying blush this might help or i'll just use it for powder. I do now fill in my eyebrows and i have a couple if brushes but have looked at this a few times in boots and for the price I thought why not. 

The techniques brushes, i know one is a concealer brush but I will use it for my eye shadow and I can't remember what the other one it. They don't have the details on the barrel which I decided was annoying but as I rarely use brushes for there intended purpose I decided to get over it!!

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Stationery Haul

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My self restricting on buying stationery isn't doing very well. I've bought quite a lot this year and I keep forgetting to share them with you but despite the bad pictures I'm sharing my latest stash with you. 

When Caitlin shared a picture of her new notebooks over the weekend I wanted them, they are from Home Bargains so I new they would be good value. The A5 note books were 99p and the small jotter pads were 39p. They are almost too pretty to use. 

Stationery is like a comfort blanket for me and after a very stressful few days I felt quite at home in the stationery aisle and had a nostalgic moment  when I spotted the back to school set. 

When I was in Junior 3 (year 5) everyone in my class got given a fountain pen and from then on we were expected to use it. Refilling it from an inkwell, then in junior 4 they relaxed and let us use cartridge pens. At high school when most people used biro's I still loved my fountain pen and i've had loads over the year but this time of year always make me want a new one. 

Pilot make a V Pen which is a fountain pen nib but has a barrel of ink. they are about £3-5 depending on where you get them from and they give the feel without the mess. But there is something about a cartridge at this time of year. 

I also popped into Poundland as I was on a binge buy. My local poundland often has decent branded pens. You might have to rummage round behind their own brand things. 

I managed to resist quite a lot, the had lots of different patterned Zebra pens which is a brand I like. I decided on the Uniball Signo Gelsticks. They had a few different colour combinations but restricted myself to 2 packs. 

I'd also grabbed a pack of their own brand coloured pens. they reminded me of the Papermate Inkjoy pens. I haven't tried them yet but I like the triangle shaped barrels. 

My final purchase was a elephant sticky tape holder. Why? For a bit of whimsy in my life. 

Do you also buy stationery at this time of yet?

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