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Sunday, August 02, 2015

It's time for my next Blogger of the Month, I really want to try and stick to a consistent time to post these but as it's only one a month I guess as it doesn't really matter? Let me know what you'd prefer.

For August's Blogger of the Month I've chosen Nikki from Natty Nikki. I first met Nikki at Plus North in Manchester (2013?) but I had been speaking to her online for a while. 

I went to Birmingham on a shopping trip she'd arranged earlier this year, despite being ill she still came and shopped with us and thanks to this I was able to take over her tour guide hat and easily found my way round Birmingham when I went back for Style XL. 

I also got to see her again a couple of weeks ago at Style XL. She has the a cracking laugh and you can't help but like her. She also vlogs which I love watching. 

Image Taken with Permission from Natty Nikki

The Questions

How long have you been running your current blog? 
Just over two years. 

What was the fist blog you remember reading? (In the same genre as your own blog)
One of the first I found was Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, which then led me to find plus size bloggers yourself included. I was so inspired by all the amazing women I came across that it gave me the confidence to start my own blog. 

What is your best resource and what would be your number one tip for a new blogger? 
"Social media is vital, it allows you to connect with other bloggers, promote your posts and make lots of new friends! My best tip is to blog for yourself and really enjoy it, don't try to compare yourself to others just concentrate on doing the best you can." 

On average how many pictures do you take per post? 

What is your favourite form of Social Media? 

"I love Instagram, as I can share snaps from my blog posts and pictures from my everyday life. 
You can find Nikki at

Name something you find out of your comfort zone?
Jumpsuits! I have yet to own one as I'm really unsure about how I would look in one! So many bloggers look fabulous in them but I am yet to strike up the courage!! 

What has been your best moment or biggest achievement since starting your blog? 
Posting a picture of myself on my blog in a bikini! I hadn't worn once since I was about 13 so this was a huge thing for me! The response was epic and made me realise there was nothing to fear from swimwear! 

Ask me a question:  What inspired you to start blogging and who continues to give you inspiration?
I started this blog after seeing Linzerello Does Fatsion I followed her weighloss blog and she'd just been to the First Plus North in Leeds and mentioned her second blog. I was hooked. I searched Plus North and found a host of confident women and I wanted to be part of that. 

My weighloss blog was around my third blog. It was set to invited readers only and I was gaining weight at a rapid rate after losing 3.5 stone. I felt like a fraud writing a weighloss blog. Most of the posts were me taking a mirror selfie saying how much I weighed. I realised I was essentially doing OOTD posts but not mentioning what I was wearing. 

I set all my posts weight loss post to draft, set my blog to public and started writing about clothes and I felt like i'd found my place. Then I ran out of space on my google account. One of my other blogs was a photography one which I think took up all the memory space. 

I created a new account in the November of that year and I think it was January I re-branded to Seeing Spots. I think everyone in the community is my inspiration. They are my sisters. As I've sid I've been blogging for a long time and only once met up with other bloggers. As soon as I set this blog up I wanted to meet other people from the community I'd found online. I speak to bloggers more than friends who live near me. I actually think I see them more than friends who live near me. I went to write friends in real life but these women from the Plus size blogging community are my friends in real life as well. 

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