Book Review - Hello From the Gillespies By Monica McInerney

Saturday, August 01, 2015

1) About the book

Angela send out her annual Christmas letter on the 1st December every year, this time she writes a letter with no intention of sending out such an honest account of the families year but when her son chops off his finger and she rushes to get him to the hospital the letter is sent via email to 100 of her friends and family. Was being so honest a mistake after all?

2) What did you like about the book?

I liked that the book was set in Australia, it made a change from the UK or the States, it was essentially a Christmas book but it didn’t feel strange reading it in July lied on sun lounger.

The supporting characters really made the book and there were some aspects which I really enjoyed and wanted more of.

3) What did you dislike about the book?

The author mentions the film sliding doors early on and while the book doesn’t follow exactly those lines you can see the inspiration behind it. I don’t think they needed to mention the film as the plot was strong enough on its own.

Book Review, Hello From the Gillespies, I do think the book could have done with a stricter editor and some further character development. The daughters are twins of 32 and a girl around 28. They came across more like 22 and 18 and if that had been the ages their characters would have been much more realistic. I found them very spoilt and over indulged and far to whiney.  

4) Round up 

After the overly honest Christmas letter is sent an unfortunate chain of events happen which means all three of the grown children return to the homestead. A car accident leave Angela with a false memory of a life she didn’t have. She’s taken home as a “Guest” to recover and the families roles have to change and evolve around her.

The book has an interesting concept and some really good parts but as mentioned above it could have done with some extra editing.

I could imagine this as a made for TV drama series and think it would work quite well.

My favourite characters is a toss up between the aunt Celia who come to stay and reminds me of Mrs Mangle from Neighbours and the Neighbour Joan who I think is a bit more Madge.

5) Marks out of 5
Have you read this book what did you think? 

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