Haul - Superdrug August 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015

In times of stress I shop! I've been nipping in superdrug on my way home a couple of times a week and normally I can happily just browse but over the past couple of weeks I've picked up a few items. 

Some I did need, others I've wanted for a while and others were pure impulse buys. 

Batiste Cherry & Original

This is a product I love and hate in equal measures. I can never decide which scents I like and which one works best or if one works better than another. 

Saying that I keep buying them and do use them. most empties posts over the past few months has had a can or two. 

These were on a members offer but I'm not sure how much as they show on my receipt as full price but then I got £3.00 multibuy saving but I don't think I'd bought anything else on multibuy on that visit. 

I've never tried the cherry one before and it did smell nice but I don't think the smell lingers and it did work quite well at absorbing oil, however my head started the dry shampoo itch within an hour or two. 

MUA - Sweet Sheen Lip Balm

This was my biggest impulse buy they are £2 and one went through at £0.01 which I'm assuming was a mulibuy thing. £8.01 for 5 products isn't bad. (let me justify it!) 

I was originally only going to buy 3 of them, then went back for a 4th but decided to get all 5 as I've done that before with another product and then couldn't get the last one in the collection. 

I swatched these on my hands and they seemed to have quite a good colour pay off, very sheer but I'd expect nothing less from the name of them. 

I think the range of colours is good as they will suit all seasons and I'm excited to wear these. 

Makeup Revolution - Iconic Pro 1, Iconic Pro 2, Focus & Fix Eye Primer, Focus & Fix Concealer & The Viper Mascara

A mix of things I've wanted for a while (The Iconic Palettes) and impulse (everything else) 

I've realised I've accumulated quite a stash of Makeup Revolution products. Some you will have seen but the majority I've never mentioned so I'm planning a post about everything Revolution over the next week or so. 

I've had my eye on the Iconic Pro's for a while and could never decide between them and thought stuff it, for the price £6.99 just get both. 

I haven't had an eye primer in a while and I've had to get rid of both of the concealers I had been using due to them leaking. I haven't really wore any make up in the past fortnight or so which makes it feel ridiculous that I keep buying it but starting September I will be back to wearing it, or at least making and effort.

I have a lot of mascara's to work through but recently I haven't found one I love, I thought it would be worth a try. 

I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Forgiven & Shockwave

Another impulse purchase, I was looking for the heart shaped lipsticks and couldn't find them, so instead of walking away I bought Forgiven (the brown shade). Then the day after I went back and bought Shockwave. 

I don't think I've tried anything like it before. I love both the colours and I haven't tried wearing them out but as I type this I'm wearing shockwave. It doesn't feel sticky but it does still feel wet after being on my lips for a while. I've also applied it and wiped it off and it does leave a nice stain colour behind so it will be interesting to see how they wear and if they go patchy as time goes on. 

I would say that's it for this months purchases as it's pretty much the end of the month but I did make a cheeky feel unique order the other day!

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