I'm still around

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to say I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I am still about and I am ok. 

Things round here have been really rough and I just haven't had time to switch my lap top on this is one of the first times I've turned it on in a fortnight. 

I haven't even had time to make any notes in my blog note book and I am really missing it. 

2 weeks ago my gran had a fall and had to go to A&E by ambulance. She had a lot of tests and they couldn't find anything wrong apart from her being dehydrated and she seems fine now. 

The day after on the Saturday my mum slipped down 2 stairs and broke her ankle. It's a mess and she's had to have it pinned and plated and later this week she gets a proper cast on. 

She's been miserable and had to go to my grans as she lives in a bungalow but it was hard work and it meant me and my dad travelling to my grans daily. 

I've barley had time to sit down since her accident. She's finally home and things are getting easier and I think once the proper cast is on things will be much much easier for all of us!

I've also done my back in which I think is a result of wheelchair pushing over the weekend. It's feeling a lot easier tonight but last night and this morning I was in agony but volterol has been my friend. 

I'm hoping that by the weekend I will be back in a better grove but don't hold your breath! 

We're all having early nights as my dad is sleeping downstairs and he likes to go to bed before 9 so we're all having early nights! 

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