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Saturday, August 08, 2015

I have a to be read pile that is steadily increasing and a kindle with400+ books on it. I just don't fancy reading anything I already own and I read one book in the whole of July. 

What have I done? I've acquired 7 new books! Yes that's right 7 books. What I now need to do is get reading. 
Gin O'Clock, The Queen of Twitter - I'd actually forgotten about this account. I think it's one twitter has unfollowed for me or I've unfollowed by accident. When I saw this in the Greyhound charity shop I thought it was worth a read for £1. 

Single  Mother on the Verge, Maria Roberts - I didn't even read the blurb of this one. It was 50p in Scope. From the cover (come on we all do judge books by their covers) it looks like a fun and easy read and I know my mum will like it. 

Beautiful Bodies, Laura Shaine Cunningham  - I'll admit the 50p table in Scope always sucks me in and this sounds like it's going to be sex in the city esk. 

Going Loco , Lynne Truss - The same author as Eat, Shoots and Leaves. Which I haven't read but have heard good things about. I was drawn to the thickness of this book (or thinness) I am trying to read at least 50 books this year so mixing up from my usual choice of as many words as possible with quick easy reads. Again 50p From Scope

The Rose of Sebastopol, Katharine McMahon - This is set in the Crimea in 1855 and follows a girl who is determined to be a nurse. I really enjoy this genre of books and while I can't find any othr Katharine McMahon books on my good reads lists I feel like I have read some of her other books or maybe they are just in my ever growing to be read pile. 

Hireath a Burden, Liz Riley Jones -  The author kindly sent this to be to review. I review the first book in the Hireath A Mark Trilogy when it first came out back in January and while it was a slow burner I was eager to read part two. I have now read this and will be doing a full review on it soon but I would say you need to read book 1 or you will be very confused. I still feel a bit confused but I think i'm going to read book one again then re-read this. Saying that I am excited for the third book. 

Wild Child and Other Stories, T.C Boyle - Another where I didn't read the blurb and in my head I was thinking of the teen movie Wild Child with Emma Roberts but this isn't that or anything like it. I'm excited to read this and it looks unread which is my favourite find on the 50p table! 

Have you read any of these? Are there any you want me to do a review on once I've read them? 

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