#OMCZ - Bare Arms or Cold Shoulders

Saturday, August 01, 2015

 Bare Arms or Cold Shoulders

A lot of people hate having their arms out so lets show them how it's done.

It's my challenge and I'll be late if I want to!! How if I remembered to remind everyone else did I forget to do the post myself? 

My arms are one of my least likes area's. I'm happy enough to go round bare armed for  a lot of the time. I do get very warm so I really don't have an issue 99% of the time but that 1% of the time i'm really uncomfortable, 

I tend to only get concious when there is a camera around. As a blogger who likes to go to events this can be a lot of the time. 

I just see their imperfections, there are a bit bingo wingy, they are freckly and mole covered. I have large red pores at the tops. My elbows are almost always black due to dry skin. 

But they are the only arms i've got. To my knowledge no one has ever been mean about them. I'd rather be cool than worry about who is looking at my arms. If people are offended by them then so what. I'm sure if I see a picture so awful on a blog that blogger would remove it. So far there have been no pictures that i've seen that I've wanted removing just though ooo maybe a cardie would have been better. 
Jeggins - Tesco Size 24
T-shirt - New Look Size 20
Boots - Clarks. 

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