#OOTW - 27th - 30th July 2015

Thursday, August 06, 2015

I really want to start doing more outfits of the day posts but I'm terrible at posing and no matter how far my confidence has gown I'm still not totally happy with my reflections. Not unhappy enough to really do anything. 

My Plan for August is to take daily pictures in the mirror at work at least 4 days a week and share them as often as I can. I'm thinking a weekly post like this one but if I can get my head back in the game it might be daily (don't hold your breath on this one) 

On Monday last week I moved to a different office and I'm honestly not happy there. I don't like the location. The office is very similar to my previous company and I'm having odd flash backs and keep thinking I'm seeing people I used to work with. I feel dizzy and disorientated but I'm sure I'll soon get used to it. I'm trying to find the positives. 

So far, the posh coffee machine (when it's working), The fizzy water tap, The mirrors in the loo's are clear glass and there is a full length mirror. Our previous office had smoked glass mirrors and you couldn't see yourself at all. 

Monday - Dress Dorothy Perkins Size 20, Cardie Tesco Size 16. 
Tuesday  - Trousers Asda Size 20, ¾ sleeve top Tesco size 22,
Wednesday - Navy Peg leg trousers Peacocks Size 20, Gret T-shirt New Look Size 18
Thursday -  Dress Scarlett & Jo Size 24

I missed Friday as everytime I nipped to the loo it was busy and I couldn't get the picture but I wore Black Jeggins from Sainsburys Size 22 and a Black and pattern top from ASDA Size 24. 

My favourite outfit of the week was Monday's dress. I also wore tights which is a rarity for me but only because I couldn't find any leggins. I might wear them again as I didn't feel all that bad in them. 

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