#outfitaugust2015 - Day 2

Sunday, August 02, 2015

August may be the month of fashion  for me. Well let's call it the month of clothes as I don't think I'm fashionable in the slightest. 

Yeatserday I had a little side trip to Matalan and picked up my first ever pair of ripped Jeans.  I've wanted some for a while and since getting some ripped Jean shorts from new look to review a while ago I've kept looking.

I even have a pinterest board dedicated to them and looked into ripping up an old pair of jeans but that seemed like far too much effort.

Browsing the sale rail for anything over a size 18 I came across a varying range of ripped Jeans.  All in a size 20. None of them looked like they'd fit but all claimed to be stretch so I decided to try them on.

They all "fitted" apart from one style. By fitted i mean zipped up. and you can see the other styles in an upcoming tales from the changing room post later in the month.

Matalan, Jean, Primark, T-shirt, BHS, Shoes

This style are boyfriend cut and cost £6. In the changing rooms which were uncomfortably hot  they felt a little tight but for the price I decided to risk it.

I tried them on again before I went to bed and they felt much better and I've worn them pretty much all day today 10 am - 4pm and found them to be comfy and 2 sizes small than I have been wearing in jeans. I don't think I've lost weight I think they are generous in the fit.

My  tshirt is from Primark is a size 20 and cost £8.

Shoes are my mum's and they came fro. BHS summer range. I'm sure they were £11.60 as they had a percentage off.

The cardie is from Encurento which is a Spanish chain. It's a size L/ XL and cost about €8.

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