#OutfitAugust2015 Days 26 & 28

Friday, August 28, 2015

I really haven't been able to keep up with this challenge. I've had such good intentions but it wasn't to be. 

I started off trying to wear something different each day but I am the queen of repeat outfits. If I enjoy wearing something I will wear it to death so I didn't really see the point of taking pictures of a repeat outfit but as the month is drawing to a close I'm going to try and snap every outfit.

Day 26 
My Back has been so sore this week and comfort is key my main staples have been jersey trousers and t-shirts. 

Trousers - Asos Size 20 
T-shirt - Encurentro Size XL
Cardie - Primark Size 20
Shoes - H&M

A really comfy outfit and while the top is a little see through it was just about work appropriate! The trousers are a bit tight on the waist but too big on the legs and feel a little bit MC Hammer but they have pockets and being black they are easy to wear for work. 

 Day 28

DDF - Dress Down Friday. I find Fridays the worst day to decide what to wear. As I said at the beginning when I find an outfit I like I wear it and wear it and this Top and Jeggin Combo have been my go to for a few weeks now. 

Jeans - Tesco Size 24
T-shirt - Primark Size 20
Cardie - Primark Size 20
Shoes - Pep & Co

What have you been wearing in August? 

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