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Saturday, August 15, 2015

My self restricting on buying stationery isn't doing very well. I've bought quite a lot this year and I keep forgetting to share them with you but despite the bad pictures I'm sharing my latest stash with you. 

When Caitlin shared a picture of her new notebooks over the weekend I wanted them, they are from Home Bargains so I new they would be good value. The A5 note books were 99p and the small jotter pads were 39p. They are almost too pretty to use. 

Stationery is like a comfort blanket for me and after a very stressful few days I felt quite at home in the stationery aisle and had a nostalgic moment  when I spotted the back to school set. 

When I was in Junior 3 (year 5) everyone in my class got given a fountain pen and from then on we were expected to use it. Refilling it from an inkwell, then in junior 4 they relaxed and let us use cartridge pens. At high school when most people used biro's I still loved my fountain pen and i've had loads over the year but this time of year always make me want a new one. 

Pilot make a V Pen which is a fountain pen nib but has a barrel of ink. they are about £3-5 depending on where you get them from and they give the feel without the mess. But there is something about a cartridge at this time of year. 

I also popped into Poundland as I was on a binge buy. My local poundland often has decent branded pens. You might have to rummage round behind their own brand things. 

I managed to resist quite a lot, the had lots of different patterned Zebra pens which is a brand I like. I decided on the Uniball Signo Gelsticks. They had a few different colour combinations but restricted myself to 2 packs. 

I'd also grabbed a pack of their own brand coloured pens. they reminded me of the Papermate Inkjoy pens. I haven't tried them yet but I like the triangle shaped barrels. 

My final purchase was a elephant sticky tape holder. Why? For a bit of whimsy in my life. 

Do you also buy stationery at this time of yet?

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