Tales From Matalan's Changing Rooms

Monday, August 10, 2015

Matalan is somewhere I don't get to very often but usually find some bargains and they do have a nice selection of things. 

I had a mass trying while I was there and I also dropped my phone and cracked the screen so if anyone know anything about replacing screens on cameras let me know. 
I spotted this swing dress as I walk through the door and it had a sign up reduced (for ever I think not just a special offer) from £12 to £8. This is the XL and I'm not sure. Have swing dresses had their day? It could be cute for work? I didn't buy it but I do keep thinking about it, so I might have to go back for it. 

I am one of those people who love riffling through a sale rail. I have a system and woe betide anyone who tried to butt in and mess me up. I push everything on the rail to one end and litterally riffle through each item. I look for my size. 2 sizes either side as well as anything that catches my eye in any size that I might want to hunt for on other rails. I know this isn't for everyone but I'm pretty speedy at it now. 

I came across a rail full of size 20 ripped jeans all reduced from around £16. I've never owned ripped jeans before I don't think and have fancied a pair for a while but haven't found any I loved. I've also thought about ripping up an old pair and created a pinterst board dedicated to ripped jeans but if I can get some for £6 well why go through the effort. 

Most of my wearable jeans are a size 24 but they are too big and I can't zip up my size 22's so I almost didn't bother trying them on. But something in my head made me do it. 
TOP - Skinny Ankle Grazers, in theory these should be my comfort zone jeans and it's what I wear most of the time but they were too skinny on the legs and I couldn't quite zip them up. 

BOTTOM - Boyfriend style. I really liked these. I got them fastened but it wasn't easy and they weren't quite ripped enough. 
If only these had been a darker wash as they made me feel like Kylie circa Charlene in neighboughs days. I loved the rips but I wasn't feeling the wash for me. 
The pair I bought and have worn about 5 times since buying a week last Saturday. They were a little tight but have plenty of stretch in them and aren't uncomfortable after a few hours. My only downside is the pockets are very shallow and I can't safely put my phone in my pocket. 

Did I make the right choice?  

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