10 Pan Roulette - Introduction

Friday, September 18, 2015

As we all know by now I'm on a mission to try and work through products and trying actually wear the make up I own.
I'm not on a spending ban as I just can't stick to them, I don't really try if I'm honest.

I'm doing quite well on my Use 8 By Bonfire Night challenge, which I really need to film / Edit / Publish.

I found / Someone told me about Lauren Mae Beauty on YouTube. I thought that Leah told me about her but not sure. Any how she does a lot of pan challenges and I came across a couple of her video's where she has done a 10 Pan Roulette. You put a number of items / product types on paper and do a lucky dip to help you decide what products to include in your 10 Pan Challenge. There is a list on her video but I just made my own list up.

It's funny because I chose what to write and as I drew out the pieces of paper, I kept thinking why did I put that! I decided not to limit myself to make up but I think all but one thing is make up.

What did I draw out?

Chubby Stick Lipstick - 17 Lip Crayon in Knockout - I seem to have a lot of chubby type lipsticks including Clinique chubby sticks. But as always I save things for best, this should give me a chance to actually use things. I love the berry colour and perfect for autumn. I've been clinging on to the hope summer is still here, but it's September and I need to embrace Autumn. I've measure this and there is 3cm of product.

Something you keep avoiding - Models Co Cream Blush + Lip. This came in a beauty box and I've avoided it. it's been swatched and used as a lip gloss once but I don't know how to use it. I don't expect to hit pan on this. My goal with it is to learn how to use it and try and build it in to my routine. I'm calling this product un-used as it's only been swatched and maybe used once. 

High End - Illamasqua Lipstick in Minx - This is probably the most expensive product I own it's RRP is £19.50. I got it in a beauty box and I love it. It's a really nice colour that I feels works really well on me. It's also one I'm not afraid to use or feel like I have to save for best. It's also the only one of my very few that I think I'd wear for work. 2.7cm of product left at the moment.

Something you love- Essence Stay Matt Allday in 10 Matt Beige - I was going to move this into my Use 8 By Bonfire Night, but decided not to swap in other products. This shouldn't be far off hitting pan as you can see the crop circles of pan through the powder already. I really love this powder as it's light and doesn't sit on the skin. I'm not sure how to measure the use of this one. We might just have to compare pictures. EDIT - I hit pan a couple of days after deciding to use this product and before I took the proper pictures but I did catch the moment I hit pan and I have to say I was really excited about that moment.

Foundation - No7 - I'm toying with changing this as after not using it for almost a month I don't think it's quite intelligent enough to match me. I have another Number 7 foundation I might swap it in. I think I'm going to trial using both and see which is the best match and decide next month. 

Eye Shadow from a palette - Girls on Film from the Makeup Revolution Girls on Film Palette - Looking through all my palettes this is the most use shade I own. it's a really nice base colour and I lay this down all over my lid and all the way up to brow bone before applying any other eye shadow. Edit - I hit Pan! The day I took the pictures I used the palette later in the day and there it was.

An Eye shadow single - Wild About Beauty in 06 Alana - Another beauty box acquisition. This isn't a brand I was aware of before but it's co-founded by Kim Jacobs and Louise Redknapp. I hadn't tried this before digging it out for this challenge. I hadn't even swatched it. I love the colour and the formula. I don't really use singles as I'm usually doing make up on the go but even using it on the bus it has been fine. Especially as it has a mirror in the lid. It retails at £13 which is expensive and I rarely pay that for a palette but it's such a lovley satin textured powder. I think I might be converted to single shadows already. 

Body Butter - Sanctuary Spa body butter - This is one of the slips I didn't want to draw out but at the same time I really do need to moisturise and I forget / avoid it and wonder why my skin doesn't feel great. I got this body butter in a Boots sale set I got in January and I think I've used it one. It smells amazing and reminds me of the Gok Wan range they had a couple of years ago.

Lipbalm - Burts Bee's - I was also in two minds about adding it lipbalm as I'm working through one for the use 8 before bonfire night but I've done really well with the one i'm working through and with winter just around the corner I need a lipbalm and I think the Burt's Bees one will be good for this time of year. 

A Nail Product - Essie Milionails - I'm torn on this one as I was going to use a coloured nail polish but not sure I want to commit to using one colour for most of the time? I've also bought two new nail treatments and might include them. However would it be wrong to use something i've bought new? I know some of the products i'm including are new & unused but i've had them for a while. rambling now.
EDIT - Stuff it. It's my challenge and i'm going to use the new products

BONUS Product
Lollypops Eyeliner Black - I'd picked this out as a product I avoid but I have actually used a fair amount of it and only have a small amount left to use. I'm not massively keen of the product. it's a bit smudgy and is hard to take off. BUT the next morning after taking off as much as I can it looks how I would want it. if that makes sense!!

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