Is Plus Size Equal?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Over the past couple of weeks I've come across two campaigns promoting more equality across the Plus Size brands world but for me both of these have missed the mark in a massive way. 

#StyleHasNoSize by Evans which was kicked off by 5 very beautiful Plus Size Models who were all very similar in size and shape being the poster girls for the campaign. 

If style has no size then why are all 5 girls who were chosen not all different sizes. Why were they all similar heights? Well the answer is they chose to use Plus Size Models who are all very much from the same mould. Now this isn't a dig at the Models, the modelling industry at all. It's saying to Evans go into any one of your stores on any Saturday afternoon and look who is shopping. 

Last time I went it to Evans there was a 5'11"ish, 60+ Lady who was around a size 18, her friend was slightly younger under 5'4 and a size 28ish. I was there. 34years and a size 24. My Mum 50+ Size 12/14 with the occasional 16s. That was just 4 of us. Each one completely different. We were all dressed in nice modern clothes. Not one of us was wearing a smock (nowt wrong with them if you wear them) If we'd have had a friend we could have done the pictures. Which is exactly what 5 very lovely Plus Size Bloggers did that same afternoon. 

Abi, Hollie, Stephanie, Michaela and Katie did their own take on the #Stylehasnosize campaign run by Evans and UKPSFW.
Photo Credit - Abi 
There is no denying all 10 women are Plus Size, whether that is by modelling standards or what I think of as Plus Size. They are all beautiful and the bottom picture for me shows a better cross section of Plus Size women who shop at Evans. They could have used London Bloggers. Held a contest or even just asked people who were shopping that day to take part. I really feel like they missed the mark with this one. 

The next campaign I've been made aware of is an American Company Lane Bryant who are promoting #PlusIsEqual sizes 14-34 (UK 18-38) However the very T-Shirt they are selling to promote this only goes to a size 28 (UK32)

Image Credit Debz
If Women in this size bracket are to be celebrated equally then why on earth can they not buy a T-shirt from the brand that is supporting the campaign.

They have given a response that they are only stocking their normal size bracket and last night I was thinking they could at least offer all sizes.Maybe by special order as they could argue there is little demand for that size but then I thought no that's still unfair for this campaign at least they should stock those sizes. They are excluding three sizes which take away all the positive things they are try to do.

I think these campaigns had so much potential and really could be great and the more positivity and equality within the fashion industry is needed. I don't think we will ever get to a point when there is no distinction between plus size and non plus size but if companies are getting behind body positive marketing they they need to walk the walk.

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