#OMCZ 7 - Skirts

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Date 27th August 2015

Theme: Skirting Around The Issue

How do you style a skirt? Let's show the world how we rock them. 
Skirts are not my thing, dresses yes but skirts just don't seem to sit right. I like how they look, I just don't like how fidgety they make me. 

I also feel like I need to wear tights with them. I see people wearing skirts and leggins and think they look great but when I do it. I don't feel right. 

I wore this on Bank Holiday Sunday and it was all going well until I was 7 doors from home and I was trying to cross a road and my tights rolled down to my knees and I had to shuffle home!! 

Everything apart from the skirt are recent purchases and should still be available. I rediscovered the skirt in a box full of summer clothes. Sill with the label on and a sale sticker for £5.  Apart from the tights incident on the way home. I did enjoy wearing this skirt and I do think it will work in autumn and winter. I'm thinking leggins and long boots once the weather starts to get colder. 

I also think it will be good for work as well as at the weekend. 

Let me know what toy think and don't for get to check out everyone else who is taking part:

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