#OMCZ - Outside Your Own Comfort Zone

Thursday, September 24, 2015

As a rule I set a theme each month for these #OMCZ challenges but as we're all different what's out side my comfort zone is someone else comfort zone. 

Fort this months challenge I've asked everyone to post a picture of something they find outside their own comfort zone. 

For me it's collars. I don't know if it's because I've got a very large neck or if I'm just not cut out for them. I always feel like I look a little bit scruffy. 

A couple of weeks ago I wore two shirts in one day, both with collars and one worked far better than the other for me but I still found I had bunching of the collar and they fell flat. I feel like I need one of those plastic collars that come with school shirts to make them look good in the packets! 

The first was the Yours Clothing WOW Shirt dress. I got this in a size 22 and I'm surprised how well it fits. The collar is a bit soft and I feel like the collar crumples up. This is more me than the shirt. Also one of the press studs doesn't like staying shut so I think this will be one that will be worn open from now on or I at least need to remember to wear a vest under it! 

I feel like that sounds negative, I love the shirt, it's soft, comfy and perfect for winter. I'm just not good at wearing collars. It also need Ironing which I hate but I feel like I want to wear it again soon so I'm going to have to bite the bullet and I also want this shirt in the Black and White version as well. 

Find out what is outside everyone else's comfort zone

What is outside your comfort zone? If there is anything you'd like us to tackle let me know

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