Primark Haul - August 2015

Monday, September 07, 2015

Towards the end of August I really felt like the seasons were changing and I think because it has felt cold in the mornings and rainy afternoons making it feel more like November than the end of August Start of September. 

Also my office is really cold, the aircon has a mind of it's own and I sat at an intersection of two aircon units. 

On the way home it's felt quite mild so I've been looking for a compromise coat wise as well as some cardies. 

I've got 4 cardies from Primark, 3 of which I need to photograph and will try and do a second post on next week. 

I've just realised the shoes in the small picture are actually from Tesco and cost £5 reduced from £16. They are really comfy and I've been wearing them everyday. 
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Cardie £10 Size 20  The other cardies I've got are just the edge to edge ones but I finally found a longish black cardie with pockets. This is quite thin but great for work. I like that it has long sleeves, I do tend to roll them up a couple of times but at least I have that option. 

Coatigan £20  Size 20  This is so amazing. I really could have done with a 22 as it has a button half way down that I can't quite fasten but luckily it's not quite been cold enough to need to wear it closed. It's really comfy. I feel like I want to wear it with a thick scarf and boots on a crisp autumn day and kick leaves. 

Giant Strawbs - I love sweets, I'm hooked and the impulse purchase by the tills keeps catching me out. 

Trio of Makeup bags - I didn't need this at all but last time I went on holiday we couldn't find out hand luggage size bags and these had vanished from Primark so though it'd grab them while they had them in. I think these were £4. 

White Nail Polish 80p - Pinterest made me do it. In the past couple of weeks I've been using up the Avon Gold strength and you might have seen last night that I have actually finished it. Because I have nails I have been pinning nail ideas. A few that i've been looking at are white based so for 80p. I've used it a couple of times and it goes on quite well. It did bubble a little bit but I think that was more me putting on before bed and not leaving enough time for it to dry properly. 

Nail files - Something I didn't need but I really liked the design and they always come in handy. 

Shower scrub - I've had these in the past and I can never remember if I love or hate them. I thought it was worth getting one as they are really in expensive and if I hate it it's not the end of the world. 

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