Use 8 By Bonfire Night - September Update

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As some of you might know I've moved into the world of doing the odd YouTube video and I'm taking part in a Pan Challenge - Use 8 by Bonfire Night. 

If you're not familiar with Pan Challenges, the basics are you set yourself a challenge to finish a product and with powder type products the metal cases are called Pans, so you are trying to see the pan.

I love the idea of these as I buy so much make up and I'm always swapping and changing and I never finish products.   

I've not blogged much about this but after filming my latest update I found a missing product so decided I'd do a quick update for the blog. 

Use 8 by Bonfire Night
Only two products to work through - Use 8 by Bonfire Night

Leah from Leah XL started the challenge and I'm really glad I joined in. Not only did it give me the push to start making YouTube video's. You can find her latest video here

As this was my first ever pan challenge and on Leah's advice I picked products I liked and enjoyed using. For me these challenges are not about getting rid of things but more about working though things and find out if I like the products or not. 

Over the months some of my opinions have changed, I've grown to love things more and thought why don't I use this more often. There are also products I know I don't ever want to use again. I'm glad I've worked through them and they are gone or will be as soon as 5th November comes round. 

It's also given me the itch to work through more products and I have 2 more Pan challenges in the pipe line. 

The products:

1) Benefit RSVP Ceaseless Eyeshadow  - This is a product I've had for around 4 years and one I kept saving for best. Why do we do that? I decided as I really do like it I should use it. I managed to misplace this after filming my first update. I was using it consistently up to that point. I've given it a stir and it still seems fine. I will be throwing it away regardless on 5th November due to the age of the product. - Would I repurchase? Probably not. This came is a duty free set and while I wouldn't be upset to own another one I feel I can get similar from drug store brands for a lot less money. 

You can see from the comparison pictures I am getting through it and I know the product is now mainly up the sides but it is going down. 

2 & ½) Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil 02 Hot Chocolate & Essence Eye Brow Pencil Brown - I decided to go for 2 & ½products as the EyeBrown pencil had only one or two sharpens left in it, I finished that between deciding on it and filming the intro video. I have repurchased it and I'm using it pretty much every day. The Eyeline is also finished and I have repurchased the same one and two other colours from the same range. It has been the best wind up eyeline. I haven't started using the new ones yet as I'm trying to work through a couple of other ones first. 

3) Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm - Another finished product. I'm quite proud of myself as I usually lose lip balms or don't use them. I really liked this one and I would think about buying another one. I do seem to have quite the collection of lipbalms so if I ever work through them all. 

4) Maybelline The Eraser Eye  in Nude - Sadly this had to be thrown away. The sponge applicator broke off and it leaked. I really enjoyed using this, I tended to use it as main concealer as well as under eye. I did rebuy this but in the light colour. I've only used it a couple of times and do quite like it.

5) Essence Silky Touch Blush 20 Babydoll - My plan for this product was to wear the pattern off. I still feel like a novice when it comes to applying it. This is also one of the products I keep falling in and out of love with. It seems to alternate between updates. I did think about swapping it for another product but the point of the challenge is to work through products and I kept it in and I'm glad I did as I'm currently enjoying it. I feel like you can see a real dip on the pictures below. I still don't think I'll hit pan but I'm feeling more hopeful now. 

6) Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash - I didn't enjoy this product. I really disliked the scent. It was like a fake chemical natural smell. It is 99% organic but the scent really put me off. It didn't do anything bad and I quite liked how it left my skin but it was a fail for me. 

7) Avon 24k Gold Strength - Can you believe it I've finished a nail polish! This is the tiniest little bit at the bottom but I can't get to it. No matter how much I try to twist the bottle round and try and get the product to the brush. I have called his a holy grail nail product in the past. We do have back up's of this in the cupboards. I fins that my nails are always weak and brittle and I do bite them. Using this makes them feel stronger and they do grow. I've decided to try something else for the moment but I would highly recommend this and I think I should get a prize for finishing the bottle! 

8) The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15 - Again I've finished this product and I didn't enjoy it. It left a chalky feeling behind and it took a while to soak in. Towards the end I started to use this on my legs as I had some really dry patches after coming back from Holiday and it worked a treat. I've used quite a few of the Body Shop's hand creams and I've loved all of them. I'm wondering if it was the SPF element that caused the chalky feeling but this isn't something that I will be buying again. 

What products have you used up? 

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