10 Pan Roulette - Update 1, October 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

10 Pan Roulette - Update 1 

One month on and I'm still enjoying these challenges and I do think that I am using more products than I would have done and I feel like I'm making myself wear make up. That sounds like I'm forcing myself but that isn't a bad thing as I do get a bit lazy and either not wear make up or wear the same things over and over again. 

Chubby Stick Lipstick - 17 Lip Crayon in Knockout - I have used this a few time and I've worn the point to a more rounded shape. This is a really lovely colour but I do feel that it is a bit messy. I doubt I'll use it in this challenge but it is getting me to use the product up.

Something you keep avoiding - Models Co Cream Blush + Lip. I'm still avoiding this product. I've swatched it a few times and I may have used it once but I'm not loving it. I did say I was going to watch some you tube video's on how to use it but I haven't. I find when I swatch it it's such a pigmented colour, I'm scared of it. 

High End - Illamasqua Lipstick in Minx - I have used this a few times. I'm doing three pan challenges at the same time and I have a few lip colours so I'm trying to alternate them but as this one is an expensive product it tends to get let out. I have worn it for work a few times and I really love the colour. I don't think I will work through the full tube but it is getting me to use a product I would normally pass over.

Something you love- Essence Stay Matt Allday in 10 Matt Beige - I have hit pan!!! I'm really enjoying using this product. I've hit pan and the pan showing is quite sizeable but I'm going to keep going with this for the time being. I'm not ready to swap it out for anything else yet. 

Foundation - No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation Coverage - I'd originally decided to use the No7 Intelligent colour foundation but after a few weeks of not wearing it I realised it wasn't the right colour for me any more. I'm really enjoying using this foundation. It's in an opaque bottle so I can't tell were i'm up to but I'd estimate i've used about 1/4 of it. I am alternating this week on week with the Maybelline from another pan challenge out of the two I prefer this one.

Eye Shadow from a palette - Girls on Film from the Makeup Revolution Girls on Film Palette -
I've hit pan! I didn't know the joy that comes with hitting pan. I still have a bit of product left but when I started this I had decided to switch in products as I run out. I'm also going to monitor the progress of another eye shadow in the same pan which is called shooting star, I have also hit pan on that shadow but it will be nice to see if I can totally use both shades up.

The picture below shows the shade shooting star, I forgot to take a picture of Girls on film colour.

An Eye shadow single - Wild About Beauty in 06 Alana - I have made a significant dent in this product and while I may be cheating by concentrating on one area, I don't care. I'm using a product I've had for a while that I wouldn't other wise use and I really like this product, It is a beautiful colour and I really like this as a lower lash eyeliner.

Body Butter - Sanctuary Spa body butter - I'm doing remarkably well with this product. I'm only using it a few times a week and mainly on my elbows but the tub is going down and I am confident I will use this up in the not to distant future.

Lipbalm - Burts Bee's - This may have been a mad choice. I'm not enjoying using it at all. The product itself seems quite crumbly and it's more drying than anything. I have used a fair bit and I'm going to leave it in my bag and just hope I can get through it soon. 

A Nail Product - Essie Milionails - I've hardly used this product may be twice all month. I did go to use it a few days ago but decided to try something else which I think I like better! I'm going to aim to use it once a week and see how it goes.

BONUS Product Lollypops Eyeliner Black - I'm having a break for this product. I really don't like it and I want to give up on it. I think I've got about a week or two's use left in it but it's got to the point where I really don't want to use it.

There is nothing I'm ready to give up on and throw away. There are a few things I know I will finish and others I know I won't but just to work through things feels good. 

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