30x30 November 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

For the past couple of years in November /December. I've done 30x30. I need to look back to see where the idea came from but I love doing this and the idea is you pick out 30 items and we're them over 30 days.
With November having 30 days it's the perfect month to do it.
I like to do it one day at a time but you can pause it and skip a day you can do two days in one by having a day and night time outfit.
It's up to you.  It's also up to you if you post daily.  weekly.  Fortnightly or just do a start and end post.
What I would love is for you to join in,  share on social media and RT  others that join in..
The rules.
1. Open wardrobe
2. Think about what you have coming up in November.
3. Pick out 30 items
      A. It can be 30 dress or 30 separate items. You can  choose if you're including accessories,  jackets ,  coats but I tend to stick to basics items of clothing and coats , accessoeries are allowed extras.
4. Document your outfit
5. Share in social media
6. Share the love.  Comment, RT, like any posts you see
What to do next ....
Email me at seeingspotsblog@gmail.com
Title 30x30
Include the name you want to me knows as on the blog roll ie. Just fist name, known as name etc.
Your blog address
Social media handles . Twitter /instagram
An idea for the hashtag we'll use #30x30 is in use already. 
I will send out a list of everyone joining in around the 25th October. 
This is open to anyone who wants to take part you don't have to be a PS Blogger.
I will be doing a post at the end of October with photos of the clothes I've picked out then a weekly post of what I've worn that week and I aim to do a couple of instagram posts a week (I can't promise daily)

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