Balsamik Coatigan Review

Monday, October 19, 2015

If you've seen my other recent posts about the Items Balsamik sent me to review you might remember there was talk of a coatigan that I'd not managed to take pictures of. 

I finally got some and I even had a little photobomber in the background. Meet Tabitha (or Brian) it's a random cat this is always handing about. It has a collar on and all our neighbours call it Tabitha the Tabby cat (we're all soooooo original) but one day I said I bet it wonders why they call  her Tabitha when he's really called Brian! It doesn't respond to any name and no one can get close enough to see if she has a tag on her collar. 

I digress, The coatigan is beautiful and really soft and fluffy. I've worn it a few times but the weather has been mixed where you need 57 layers in the morning and by noon you want to wear as little as possible. 

Last Saturday I wore it with my new Koko shirt that I picked up at The Curve Fashion Festival and my Skinny jeans from Evans.  The shoes are old flipflops we keep by the backdoor. I have finally conceded that it's no longer sandal weather. 

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