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Monday, October 26, 2015

At the moment Yours Clothing is the only dedicated plus size retailer in my town and other than Primark for tops and the odd item in the Dorothy Perkins concession in BHS & Debenhams I can't get clothes in my own town centre. This might be an exageration come to think about it but at a size 20-24 I'm feeling more limited in local places I can get fast fashion items. 

Yours has some great things in at the moment and it's not that long since I did a post (or think I did a post, I might have vlogged it) I picked out my two favourite Items I tried on. I didn't buy anything this time but I do have both these on my wish list. I'm going to be doing 30x30 in November so there isn't any point me buying anything now as I'll have to wait till December to wear them. (Let's ignore the rest of this week) 

 Sadly these pictures don't do this top justice, it is a beautiful deep aubergine colour. I really like the splits in the side. I'm not sure I'm cool enough to wear something like this. But I did discover that if you spin while wearing it it really flys! Don't ask! (Go and watch Day 25 of Vlogtober). The top was £17 which I think is pretty reasonable for it. I just don't know when I'd wear it and how I'd style it. I also hate that from a size 22 its actually dual sizes 22/24. I'm wearing the 22/24 here. It felt too big on the top and didn't sit right on the neck but with the 20 the top fitted well but the splits in the side where too wide round my hips which made me look like I was wearing too sizes too small. I think a dedicated 22 would have been perfect.

This shirt is a bit of a mixed one for me, I love the colours, the print and that it's made of jersey so it's extra comfy, I tried this in the 20's and it felt a bit too big, I didn't try a smaller one on as I'm just not sure about the sleeves. It makes me think of Hawaiian shirts. Should I try the smaller size? 

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