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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A few weeks ago now I managed a rare night out with two of my friends. We decided to try a new Restaurant in our local town centre called Jack's Smokehouse. 

Being honest I didn't know what to expect the street it is on is the one we used to go to for nights out in our younger years and I see it as bars and takeaways, but Oldham is going through a bit of a regeneration with the trams now running through the town centre and a multimillion pound regeneration of the old town hall in to a Cinema and restaurant venue.

I was very pleasantly surprised as Jack's is a bright and modern space with an American feel but it isn't all out retro diner.

The menu was vast but our waitress said they were amending it in the coming days and it was going to be tweaked and reduced which I think will be much better as I couldn't decide what to have but noticed there were some very similar items on the menu.

We had three courses and while there was a lot of food I had prepared myself for this and I didn't feel over full or unpleasantly full at the end, I was ready for home and bed but feeling happy.

We shared Jalaeno poppers which were really good. There were extremely hot in temperature and had just the right about of spice to them. 

My friend had corndogs which she said were really good, she needed extra condiments but they were happy to bring over to us. 

We also hard a starter of chilli and nachos which my my friend said was really spicy but it came with sour cream that helped with the burn. 

We also managed a cheeky cocktail in the form a a blue lagoon and a blackberry belini which were very nice. The blue Lagoon was cocktail of the day and I think buy one get one free. Check the cocktails board out for special offers. 

The main courses 

I will say I think this is where I got confused the choice list was vast and some starters would have made a good side and some sides would make good starters and I'm assuming this is where the menu alterations is going to help. 

I got a burger with cheese and it had bacon on it which I didn't realise which is good as I almost ordered it as an extra. I also didn't realise this came with chips and ordered sweet potato fries as a side. It would have been good to know this (maybe I misread then menu) or have th option to upgrade and I got a portion of coleslaw which seems quite expensive for the portion size and I really didn't need it. 

My friends ordered a beef brisket and a chicken dish, they both enjoyed them and we had cheese cake and chocolate cake. 

Another thing that is worth mentioning is each table has 6 different table sauces and I really enjoyed the Bourbon BBQ. 

Over al we had a really good night, the food was good the company was great and on the most part the service was good. I think there are things they could improve on as I felt like we had to keep asking for things. We didn't have cutlery or table sauces. A desert was missed and the were a bit slow with the drinks but it was to the point where we felt we were maybe too demanding rather than bad service if that makes sense.

I would 100% go back and would recommend people visited. it's a few mins walk from the Oldham Mumps tram stop. I do think now they've been opened for a few weeks things can have only got better. 
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