Empties - October 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Empties posts are some of my favourites to read. I really like knowing what products people finish. In the world of blogging I'm well aware we all get new products far to frequently either for those who are lucky enough to be sent products to review, via beauty boxes and those we just can't walk past and leave in the shop and just have to buy. 

I'm trying to make a real effort to work through items I've got in beauty boxes. I'm guilty of saving this for best or put to one side to take on holiday, nights away and I don't do that often enough. 

I have worked through quite a few more products than these but they were nothing special, two packs of cotton pads, a few Lush and Bomb cosmetics bath products but I either don't have the wrapper, they didn't have a wrapper or I forgot to include them in the picture. 

Tresemme 60 second hair and scalp treatment - This is a product I'd used twice and then put away to take on holiday and I didn't. I really enjoyed this products. I initially used it when I had a bad experience with a hairdye and it really helped to calm my scalp. I would prefer to buy a tube or tub of this so I could decide how much I wanted to use in an application. I would buy this again.

Carex Moisture Plus - I liked this hand sanitiser, I don't feel that it was much more moisturising than any of their other products. This has a pleasant scent and I would buy this again in the future.

Balance Me radiance face mask - I've worked through two of these, both came in beauty boxes and I still don't like this. When I posted about this in the past, a few people commented that they'd liked it so when I received a second one I decided to try it rather than passing it on to a friend. It isn't a mask that sets, I don't like the smell and it's more like a face scrub but the scrub isn't rough enough to do anything for me.

Balance Me balance me super toning body polish - To me this is exactly the same as the face mask, I didn't find it exfoliating or toning. This is a 50ml sample and I got two uses out of it and I just didn't enjoy it. I don't seem to have much luck with Balance Me products, there is one of their products that i've tried that I would buy again and it was a day moisturiser.

Le Couvent des Minimes Botanical Recipe of the Cloister Hand Cream -  Despite not liking rose scents, I really liked this hand cream, the berry scent is dominant and I've even considered buying more but I then saw how many hand creams I have already (About 8) and decided I can't justify buying more. 

P&G Facial Oil  - I received this in a beauty box and I never looked to see how full the bottle was as it doesn't state the sample size. I worked through this fairly quickly and I think I might have used too much in each application. I would buy this again but I think I'd get the one specifically for my skin type rather than a one size fits all. I did have to use another face wash after this as it did leave a slightly oily residue behind but I really didn't think that this would suit my skin as I do get quite oily but I'm missing it now it's used up. 

Gilette with Oil shave gel - This was a fantastic product, it smells nice and it foamed up well. I have already repurchased this and I know I enjoyed it as I worked through it so quickly. The last shave gel I bought lasted ages as I hated the smell and avoided it. 

Makeup Revolution The Viper Mascara - By far the best mascara I've used in a long time. The wand is really unusual and is shaped like a cobra's head (Why is it called the viper?) I was sceptical at first but it worked fantastically well and it was under £3. If I didn't have so many other mascaras I'd buy another one like a shot. 

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