Neal's Yard Remedy Products and Goodie bag

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I went to an event at Neal's Yard in Manchester and while I was there I picked up a facial scrub and came away with a little goodie bag and I just wanted to share what I came home with. 

I've been looking for a good facial scrub for a while and I did pick one up from boots but I'm just not getting on with it. The scrub I picked up is the Purifying Palmarosa Facial Polish which is £16 for 100g which is usually out of my budget minded ways but they kindly gave us 20% which made it feel a bit easier to buy. However saying that £12 for something I will use rather than spending a few lots of £3 on things don't get used. 

The next item was a goodie bag as we were leaving. I was really surprised with what they gave us as I wasn't expecting anything. I don't know if everyone got the same or not but I'm really chuffed with what I got and it is things I will use. 

It is a festival survival bag and had 4 products inside. A pack of facial wipes. I've had these before and they are really nice. They are organic and I found they worked well for my skin, Wild Rose balm. This is a multipurpose balm and while I don't like rose scents this is a different type of smell it's more rosehip than roses. There is also a sleep concentrate which I've never tried before and I need to have a look at how to use this. The last item is a white tea facial mist. I've also had this before but if I remember mine leaked and I think I threw it away. It's a lovely product and it's nice to keep in the fridge and give a light spritz when you need a bit of a refresh. 

A big thank you to NYR for the invite to the event, the discount and the goodie bag. I wish you well in your new location. 

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