Next Sale Trousers

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Next isn't somewhere I go into often my local one is very small and I only seem to go in on a Next Sale weekend. 

I do almost always come out with an item or two. This time I bought these paisley patterned trousers. Jersey trousers are a bit of a staple in my wardrobe at the moment and I though these were a good autumnal colour and should see me through for a another couple of months. 

I wore them for work last monday and teemed them with a black vest from Encurentro and my blue cardie which is from Tesco. 

I can see from the photo I was feeling poorly and it was my last day in work before I had the rest of the week off sick.

The scarf was trying to ward off ear ache and is from Encurento. My shoes are from H&M.

The picture was taken near deansgate locks and I wish they'd get some of the graffi artist from the NQ to to some designs down this end of town as it would make my blog pictures look a lot more inviting. 

I'm on a mission to find places in that general area to take blog pictures. If you can think of anywhere let me know. I need a ledge or wall to balance my camera on. 

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