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Friday, October 23, 2015

If you're a regular reader you'll know I'm mainly very positive about a lot of the products I buy and get in beauty boxes and I am always honest in how I feel about things but as we all know first impressions are not always accurate. Some times we'll love a product on first swipe but come to hate it. Other times we instantly decide we don't like something but come to find it's a pretty decent product. 

For the past few weeks I've been keeping a mental list of products I've not enjoyed. I have tried them all a number of times with the exception of one and I've even taken one off my list as I stored it in a different way and decided I quite liked it. That was in my last empties video I believe. 

I'm sure there are many more products I dislike but I either don't like them that much as they didn't come to mind or I've worked through them and they have been in my empties posts or I just gave up on them and have thrown them away. 

I'm sure with these products many of you will like them, at least on of these were recommended to me so I know others like it. 

Lollipops Eyeliner 

I've tried this a number of times and I go through phases of using it regularly, but I just find it messy, I spend more time mopping up the smudges than anything else. I am determined to finish this product but I would not buy it. This came as a bonus item in a beauty box. I love the packaging but that's it's only good point. 

Rimmel Nail Polish in Lose your lingerie 

I also got this in a beauty box and I was excited by the colour. To me it looked like it was going to be quite a sheer shimmery shade but it goes on like pink tipex. Not quite matt more of a satin and it chipped so easily. I really didn't enjoy using this and It's not one I would buy again. 

Wrights Hand Wash

This doesn't smell like coal tar soap, it smells very cinnamoney and I feel annoyed every time I use it. 

St Ives Facial Scrub

I don't know what it is about this that I don't like but it just isn't for me. It's fairly gritty which I like on a scrub, it smells nice and I love the smell of apricot but there is something that I can't put my finger on it and I keep avoid using it. 

Soap and Glory - Orangeasm (The scent) 

I need to add a disclaimer that the pictured product might be ok, it's being used to illustrate the range not the individual product. In the January sales I picked up an Orangeasm set in Boots and the smell. I know I am smell sensitive but the scent is just too much. It smells like orange tic tacs and I just don't care for it. I got the EDT which I threw away almost as soon as I got it (OK 6 months later... I couldn't even palm it off on anyone!!) I have this and a body cream to use. I will try both but this is just an appeal to brands not to make things smell like tic tacs. 

nSPA Melting Cleansing Gel

I don't know if I got a bad one as I've never heard anything bad about nSPA products. This was reduced which makes me wonder if it was old stock. 

I find that this separates and I hate that I have to put it on a dry face. I only really just face washes in the shower and I can't remember to keep my face dry! (I thinking other than the product separation the rest is user error)

Superdrug, Limited Edition Pear Drop Shampoo & Conditioner

These are a massive fail for me and they even got me looking on Superdrugs website looking at the no quibble returns on own brand products. The shampoo leaves my hair dry and the conditioner doesn't seem to have any effect on me. I also don't get a peardrop smell. I'm not taking it back as my mum has been using it and I think she likes it. I feel sad these don't work for me as it took me ages to track these down and while they didn't cost a lot, it's money wasted. 

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