Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palattes

Friday, October 16, 2015

I've been watching Tanya's video's for about 12 months but was never that interested in buying any of her products. I did try some of the eye lashes which I liked but didn't feel like I needed to try them all and I have a nail polish which I got in a goodie bag.

When I saw the relaunched line I really loved the look of the eyeshadow palettes. This left me with a problem. Which one to buy? Solution, buy all three!

1) Hollywood
2) Galaxy
3) Fairytale

I've had these for a a while but as I hadn't taken photo's I wouldn't let myself use them (Blogger Problems)

I've started using the fairytale palette and it is really lovely colours. very natural and good for everyday wear but with the black and the shimmery brown would work well to make it work for a night out.

I found the powders to be soft and buttery. They also blend really well but I did get a lot of dust / fall out with all of the shades.

Each palette costs around £6 which I think is a reasonable price and I think they will make good Christmas presents.

I am glad that I've bought all three and do think I will get a lot of wear out of them.


The Hollywood is perfect for the Christmas Party Season. I am fairly certain I'm going to be using this one when I go to my works Christmas do. I'm very excited to try the gold Enchantment shade. 


Galaxy will be good for a smokey night out look. I'm really quite excited about using this palette. I think they are a little bit different to other palettes I've got.


Fairytale is a great everyday make up look. So far this is the only palette I've used and I wore it on my works night out and I wore it today for an every day make up look. I haven't tried the black Witches Cat shade but I think this would work well to turn this into a smoky look and it could be good as a liner.

I would love to see a larger palette from this range mixing in all the shades and with a few other colours.

The only irritation for me is when you open them the shade names are on the side and you have to turn everything round, I'd have preferred to open the lid top to bottom rather than a book and have to turn it. This is a tiny tiny thing but every time I've opened any of them I've sighed and felt annoyed at having to turn it and I'd also have preferred a round / oval mirror instead of the heart shape.

Have you tried any Tanya Burr products? 

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