The Curve Fashion Festival 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I went to The Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester. This was an event where Plus Size brands showcased the coming styles, gave people the chance to buy or browse the clothes.

There was a wide variety of stands from big brands, to small independent shops, new designers and brands who are just looking to start selling in the UK market.

There were also some celebrities such as Tess Holiday, Lisa Riley, Haley Hasslehoff and a couple of others. I'm so behind the times and I don't really have much awareness of celebs. I mean I know why they are but I don't really follow them or if I do I don't really fan girl. I had a moment saying hello to Lisa mainly because she has recently followed me on twitter and Instagram. She was lovely and gave me one of the TShirt she'd given to the people who had modelled for her. I think she mistook me for someone else! Cheers for the Thisrt it's come my sleep t-shirt (so comfy)

There were also a couple of catwalk shows. I went to see the first one but I felt a bit disappointed by the models they'd used. Now looking back at the pictures the models do look more plus size than I remembered. From where I was sat they all looked under a size 10 with the exception of one who i'd say was a size 12/14.

There is no denying each girl is beautiful and I'm sure they meet all the criteria to be a Plus Size Model but it would have been nice to see the clothes on a wider size range of models. You could see a few of the clothes were pinned in place at the back and didn't give a true fit of the items on them.

I've heard mixed reports on who picked what models and why and for me I have no idea how any of these clothes would look on me as their was no one who was remotely similar to me on that catwalk and  put me off going to see the next one.

I realise there is only so much range with plus size models but a little more diversity would have been nice and I hope the brands and event organisers take this on board for the next one.

I had a really good time at the event, I got to spend time with friends from all around country. I got to meet people I've only ever spoken to online. I loved that it was in Manchester. The venue was great as it was large, accessible. It did get very warm but from speak to people it had been very cold when it had first opened. There was also a cloak room where I was able to store my over large bag.

There are some things which I feel like I needed to do better:
Spoken to more people
taken some selfies
introduced myself as a blogger

What could have been better?

Signs to fashion show.
Stands having more space / more accessible
more seating - Some people mentioned the size of seats. I didn't notice an issue with this myself just could have done with a few more seats
a better mix of models
a traditional photo booth
no meet and greet 
cheaper ticket price
a better blogger / brand interaction section 

Best bits
Food and drink on site
Seeing my friends
It didn't feel like a blog event
Being in Manchester
being able to buy things 
A great atmosphere 

Did you go? what did you think? 

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