Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I've started this blog a few times and it was meant to be posted before The Curve Fashion Festival but life got in the way and then it's sat on the back burner in my drafts folder. I've then deleted everything I wrote and decided to start again. 

I've recently wrote about the Plus is Equal and Style has no size campaigns which you can read about here but on the back of these campaigns is the #ThisIsPlus hashtag which was devised by KJ from A Curvy Cupcake

Picture Credit Kat
This is so important to for everyone to recognise they matter, no matter what shape, size, height. The media campaigns that promote diversity are falling short in my opinion by using small sized plus models rather than a diverse range of sizes. The This is plus shows us all off. No two of us are alike 

Since #TCFF i'd noticed a couple of people post that they didn't go as they didn't feel confident enough to go or know what to wear or were anxious. For those people look at the picture above. This is just a small number of the plus size women who attended who Debz managed to get together at 3pm for a group photo. Everyone wore different and I know each one had their own anxieties about going, i'm sure each on deliberated carefully about what to wear but we all went and had a brilliant time. 

If you're anxious before going start a thread in a group. See if a few people will go into a Watsapp group / facebook chat group witj you. Plan your outfit but ultimatly don't worry as each person is different. Your sense of style is great and you will be welcomed with open arms from everyone you meet. 

I feel like this hashtag is great as it is inclusive, it's not brand driven and I feel it at ground level. 

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