Yours Floral Top

Thursday, October 22, 2015

For the past few weeks I've been stalking this top in my local Yours store. I really do like everything about it. 

From the print, the colours, the style of the top the only thing that has put me off is the sizing.  It goes to a size 20 in single sizing then switches to dual sizing 22/24, 26/28, 30/32. I'm roughly a size 21 in most Yours items. 

I know a totally none existent size, the 20 is a little small, 22's are usually a little big. If I had the choice I'd go with a 22 but when it comes to dual sizing because a 22/24 is technically a 23 and is too big. 

I've been undecided for a few weeks and tried it on again and knew I wanted it. Really wanted it. Not I'm prepared to wait for the sale and if it gets reduced, it's meant to be want it. 

I didn't notice the detail on the sleeves until I edited these photo's but I really love it and it sounds really sad but It makes me feel happy that I own it. 

I ended up getting it in the size 20, I feel that it looks ok in the front but a bit tight across the back. 

Your's had a few other items in the same fabric and print and I can see me getting at least one other item. (trousers and a dress are high up on my list) 

The top cost £19 which I feel is a little bit expensive for a top but I am a cheapskate but I know I will get a lot of wear out of it. 

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