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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last week I was invited to the first blogger event hosted by Housing Units. We all met up in the Wiken Tree restaurant which is in the emporium and fireplace centre. 

It was a lovely informal event where we got a guided tour of the building by the general manager. Housing Units is massive and that is no exaggeration. It’s a place you could go for  full day out even if you’re not in the market for a new fire or furniture. The restaurant is open daily and they put of different events throughout the year. 

The night of our event the grotto had opened and we even got to meet Santa. I don’t think I’ve ever be in a grotto before, I was quite a soft child and I’m fairly sure I would have refused to go to one. It was quite a magical experience even at 34. 

Housing units was established in 1947, It's somewhere I've always known of and it’s a place my grannie loves, a place a number of my friends love and I won’t name names but I know a few went on the Christmas section opening weekend. 

Even though I’ve been a number of times over the years it was really nice to have a tour and be told about the business. They are have something to offer for every occasion. I’ve took a huge amount of photo’s which you can see as you scroll through the post and I haven’t even take a lot of pictures. 
One thing that I did notice on the website and I did mean to ask about is they stock Bomb Cosmetic products which I’m so happy about. I’ve been looking for somewhere but nothing local was listed on Bombs website. 
I can’t being to list the departments it goes from the Christmas department which needs to be seen to be believed, I have vlogged clips so you might want to check out Monday Vlog. There is Christmas gifts for everyone you could ever want to buy a gift for, an art section and some of the most amaing baths you have ever seen, my personal favourite was the pink tub. 

There are 3 other buildings as well as the Fireplace and Emporium, one of the buildings is aimed at kids, a clearance unit as well as a department store which has a bit of everything on offer. 
One thing I noticed before I went to the event was how happy and friendly all the staff were. From the doorman who let me in, the people on the shop floor and not forgetting santa’s Elves. They pride themselves on customer service and I can well believe it. I’ve worked in a department store and I can tell you I never looked all that happy. 

Thank you to Housing Units for making us feel so welcome and that you for the personalised bauble and the free pen. I love free pens (Small things I know) but what I love more than anything else is personalised products. When I was growing up I only ever had two things with my name on them a book of stickers and some carebear transfers (which I wouldn't use in case I never found any more – I didn't) 

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