#Nov30x30 Update 1 - Days 1-8

Monday, November 09, 2015

November is here and as I've done in previous years I'm taking another stab at 30x30. If you don't know what that is I do have a post all about it but the idea is to pick out 30 items of clothes and create 30 outfits (over 30 days but this is flexible) 

Last week I shared the 30 items I've picked out and I wanted to share with you what outfit's I've been wearing over the past 8 days. 

Day 1 Sunday 1st November - I went for a meal for my Gran's Birthday, It was a meal at a pub so I didn't need to be dressed up but wearing this top made me feel like I was more formally dressed than just wearing a casual T-shirt which would be my usual Sunday choice. 

I'm not doing too well at taking selfies or getting outfit pics but I've decided to make collages of what I've been wearing to give you an idea. I hope this works ok for you. 

Day 2 Monday 2nd November - A work outfit, my work dress code is smart but unless someone tells me off for it I'm more of a comfort smasual kind of girl. This top is a good one for work as it's quit warm without being restrictive and the trousers are really comfy and have pockets. 

 Day 3 Tuesday 3rd November - Another work day and these trousers from Next are so comfy. They are soft jersey and I do feel like I'm wearing PJ's!! 

Day 4  Wednesday 4th November - My office has AC issues and I'm going on a warm clothes over load. Knitted dress and cardie. I think I got the most compliment on this outfit as well and I really didn't think it would work. 

Day 5 Thursday 5th November - I used to wear dresses every day but now I wear jersey trousers more than anything but I got this dress from Tesco in the sale a couple of weeks ago and decided to include it. It's really comfy but I do need a vest under it. I also think the Rust coloured vest will work well with it. 

Day 6 Friday 6th November - DDF (Dress down Friday) and A trip to see Alan Carr after work. Alan Carr was amazing and I didn't feel under or over dressed. 

Day 7 Saturday 7th November - I went for Afternoon Tea and Cocktails in Manchester with my Friends. We were out from 12 so I didn't want to be super dressed up but as we had a table at Manchester House booked I knew I didn't want to be too casual. This dress is from Yours but I got it from Nikki (Natty Nikki) and it was perfect. I wore it with leggins and boots. For this challenge leggins are allowed extra's as I wear them instead of tights. I guess technically I should have counted them in but my challenge my rules!

Day 8 Sunday 8th November - A day with no plans, I would have happily stayed in my PJs but I did need to nip into town for a bit. I was also working from home later on so needed to be comfy. 

 I'm proud of myself for sticking to the clothes for the past 8 days. Here's to the next 22 days!

As in previous years. I have spreadsheets. It's making helping me decide what to wear and I can see what items I avoid and what I like to wear. For the next week I'm going to try and wear things I haven't worn yet and I know it's only week 1 but I think it's easy to get stuck in a rut. 

I want to wear everything at least once but at the same time not over wear things. 

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