Christmas Gift's From Work

Saturday, December 05, 2015

I'm posting this more as a memory for myself than anything else. On Thursday morning when I got into work the two people who report to me handed me a Christmas gift, I almost cried. 

It was really unexpected. We don't really do gifts other than Secret Santa. I put the gift to the of my desk then after about 30 mins one of the said I could open it! 

Christmas Gifts - Make up bag, Ferror Rocher, Prosecco
I really like that they got me things that I love they got me things I love.

The zip on my current make up bag is about to break any second and if you follow me on Pinterest you'll know I have a board dedicated to the Letter S so this really appeals to me. It's from Matalan, they also got me Prosecco which is my wine of choice and my most Favouriest (not a word i'm sure) chocolates.

I feel really lucky to work with the people I do and I'm very grateful for my gifts.

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