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Friday, December 11, 2015

I've almost run out of my current facial wash and I've deicide to try some of the Soap & Glory products again. 

I've use the Peaches & Clean before and a friend recommended the Vitamin C Facial Wash. 

I've been using both of these for a week or so now and I like both of them, the Peaches and Clean seems to have changed slightly since I last used one and It doesn't seem as good in my opinion but these bottles are huge and it was a big leap on my part so I'm throwing myself into using them. 

The Peaches & Clean is good for removing make up as it seems to melt away products and I use this as my first cleans. I haven't had to really make it work as I haven't been wearing a huge amount of make up but I feel like it will do a good job.

This Vitamin C facial wash does really make my face feel clean but I'm not keen of the pink burst bubbles in it. I'm not sure they really do anything for me. It's early days of using it. I like how clean my face feels and I'm hoping it is going to help out my facial demons. 

I got the two as it was buy one get one half price so for the two it was £12 in Boots. 

Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts on them?

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