The Cooperative #OnTheList 2015 Christmas Event

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Last Friday I went to the second #OnTheList Christmas event by The Cooperative and I wanted to share my thoughts on this years events and not to mention some photo's.

Once in a while an event turns up that really is a magical affair, one that gets bloggers together, gives them Prosecco and really had a the feel good factor and that's exactly what The Cooperative did this time last year. It's event that has probably been mentioned the most at other events. It had Heckles, did I mention Prosecco and lots of other fun activities. When I got this years invite I was hoping I could make it and I didn't really think it would be much different but you guys. You have a little bag of surprises up their sleeves. 

This year we started by mingling and chatting, catching up, lots of laughter and hugs to be had. 

We had an agenda on the back of your IT Passes, which said food sampling or similar followed by talks and a panel.

The food sampling was a full Christmas dinner, with appropriate wines per course. I think that surprised all of us.

We started with individual Prawn Cocktails which is my favourite and pate which is a close second favourite. Everything was really good and I think I might buy some of the individual prawn cocktails to take for my lunches at work.

For the main course we had a the first Christmas dinner of the season. Everything was really tasty. It even had a couple of chunks of Salmon on the plate which was a bit unusual but it worked. Between the main course and pudding they brought out a platter of snacks including dimsum, pin wheel sausage rolls and one of the nicest things I've ever tried which was cocktail sausages which were glazed and were topped with popping candy crackling. Amazing.

Between each course the product developers gave us a little but of info about the products and I think the puddings developers got the biggest cheer of the night. I'm not sure if it was because the food was on the table already or because we all really love cake!

The winner for me was the little pot, I'm not quite sure what it was but it tasted great. 
We ended the night with a panel Q&A, some microwave mug cake recipes and they had put on cheese and biscuits incase they hadn't fed us enough already!!

The Cooperative event this year was more than I ever expected, they surprised us all in a good way. I wish I'd spoken to more people as I know people I wanted to meet where there but I didn't get a chance to say hello.

A huge thank you to The Coop, who not only fed and watered us sent us on our way with a goodie bag, which I will mention in an up coming post.

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