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Monday, December 07, 2015

I'd say for the past month or two I'm really been out of the blogging loop and my mojo has been MIA. in the couple of weeks running up to December a few events have popped up and I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. 

Last Monday The Press Tent had organised a Bloggers Bazaar at Yard & Coop in the NQ. The weather was awful on the night of the event. I'd also been invited to another event on the same night which was sadly cancelled and I was in two minds about going as I had a real bad case of anxiety about going somewhere alone. 

I normally prefer to go alone and meet people at the venue but I hadn't seen much chat on social media about the event on the day, the weather was bad and I was just not feeling it. But as I hate to let people down and I hadn't let the organisers know I was a maybe, I decided to go. 

I'm so glad I did I was warmly greeted by the lovely Betty Pamper, we laughed, I bought pants (A post in the pipeline - It's worth the wait). I had a lovely chat with the people from Nine to Five who gave me a pair of insoles to wear with heels which I'm hoping are going to be a life saver with the Christmas Party season rapidly approaching, they also gave us the little yellow ball which you use to relax your feet.  

It was a really lovelty event and what was really nice about it was that it was bloggers with brands on the majority of the stalls, they had some understanding of what we were looking for and how we think. There were a few other brands which I'm not sure if they were bloggers as well. For me I was one of only 2 plus size bloggers there and it would have nice to have more inclusive brands and more sizes catered for, rather than people looking awkward and saying we sell oversized clothes.

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