8 Things to Achieve in 2016

Friday, January 01, 2016

I had my annual NYE melt down earlier, I don't know what it is but it doesn't suit me. I always get upset and I can't pin down what it is about it.

My life is quite static and I feel like nothing is different from this time last year but lots has changed and now the clock has struck 12 i'm feeling much better. The 3 hour nap from 9.30pm has helped a lot. I woke up as I though the house was on fire but no it was the apocalypse of fireworks going on outside.

I've decided to take this opportunity of being awake to write up the list of things I want to do / achieve in 2016.

This is something Leah from Leah XL mentioned doing a YT collab on but I haven't had chance to film it so I will just type up my list.

These are in no real order:

  1. Read 52 books - This is a really manageable number for me, I failed in 2015 to read my target of 50 as I stopped reading in August / September after my mum broke her leg and I think I only read one book in all those months. 
  2. Post more outfit posts - My confidence has been knocked out of my this year. I don't like how I look in pictures at the moment. I don't really buy trendy clothes and I've felt a bit like a fraud posting fashion posts. I'm readjusting my mindset to go back to posting not as a fashion blogger but as a record of what I wear. Even if that item is 5 years old. 
  3. Keep my room tidy - as someone who is 34 this should be easy (right!?) but I have too much stuff and not enough space. I've started by having a make up cull but I'm going to try and Marie Kondo my life, well my room at least. 
  4. Use up 30 makeup items from my collection and keep buying things to a minimum. There is no way I will be able to work through everything I own so why keep buying more? I'm not going to restrict myself to not buying things but I need to think before I buy. 
  5. Go to London - Simples. I've never been before. Only for the reason I've never had an occasion to go for. I'm determined I will go this year. Even if it's only for a day but Ideally for a weekend. 
  6. Spend more time with Friends. In 2015 I saw some bloggers more than I saw some of my friends in real life. I admit I let things slip, they didn't text me so I didn't text them. It's a bit of a vicious circle. Don't get me wrong we did meet up a few times and when we did it was fab but it wasn't often enough. I've already pencilled in 3 friend meet ups. 2 with friends in real life and another with friends in real life that I met through blogging but it isn't a blog related meet up. 
  7. Go to bed by 11pm on week days 
  8. Grow my nails - I say this every year and I never do but I thought I'd keep it in. One of these years.

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