Use 7 by Spring - A new Pan Challenge

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We are still in early January (Mid by the time this goes live I guess) and I'm  already itching to add in another Project Pan into the mix. I've spotted a few people are doing a Use Seven by Spring challenge and I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring as well. 

I feel like I've chosen fairly easy items and ones that are already in use as well as ones that I've been meaning to use or need to use. A little bit of encouragement on the ways to the empties pile. 

Item 1 Nail White Pencil - I think this is from superdrug but It doesn't haven any writing on the barrel at all so I could be completely wrong. Whenever I start to grow my nails I always seem to buy one of these and I much own about 5 of them. Now my nails have started to grow a little but I'm going to try and use one of these pencils consistently  and see if I can work through at least one of them. 

Item 2 - Is two items and I've decided to put both of these in as I know I'll only get one use out of each. I got these in my work secret santa and I've been carrying them round in my hand bag. Fat lot of use they were doing in there. 

Item 3 - L'oeal Kids Tangle tamer - My hair get knotty so easily now it's longer and this is pretty good. They only thing I hate is the smell. The pear fragrance reminds me of cheap cider, which I really don't enjoy. 

Item 4 - Zoella Solid fragrance. I haven't tried a solid perfume since I was about 7 years old and in Zante on Holiday. They used to see (probably still do) fancy little pots of solid fragrance of all the big names. I bought this as I thought it would be good to keep in my bag, rather than carting round a bottle I always forget to use. I love the smell of this. It's really light and makes me smile when I smell it. I don't think the scent lasts very long, but for the price I'm happy I got it and I'm determined to make a dent in this. There is a very small one emerging. 

Item 5 - Herbal Essence Dry shampoo. This is the second time I've bought Herbal Essence dry shampoo albeit in a different flavour (scent) and I'm still really unsure. It seems to work well on day 2 or 3 hair but on day 1 hair (Freshly washed = day zero for me) it makes it look worse. The scent is good but It's a big tin and I want to work through it. I have a Lush Dry shampoo in my yearly project but as I'm trying to wash my hair less, I can get through a lot of dry shampoo. 

Item 6 - Essence Nail Art - This is a quick drying solution for when you've painted your nails. I've only every used it a few times and it does help nails to become touch dry really quickly. it's not a miracle and you do still need to wait a while for your polish to set properly but i'm lazy and impatient and i'm willing to give it a try. This was a PR sample almost 2 years ago and it works and I should use it. My nails have actually grown a little bit and as always my resolution is to keep them nice. It won't last but it's nice while they're here. Sadly I'm a lot messy. A LOT. as soon a my nail tips peek above the end of my fingers they fill with crap. and they always look messy. The nail pencil above helps massively but I really do need to keep them painted a fairly opaque colour so these drops will be used. I'm going to make sure if it. 

Item 7 - Bershka Nail Wrap. How cool do these look. Well let me tell you they were an EPIC fail. I have used these and they lasted about 7 mins. In fact they started to come off before they'd all be applied. I do have 2 more sets of these, a very cute pinapple print and ones with Panda's on. I don't know if it's me or the product that is just a but crap. 

In addition to the use 7 by spring I'm also going to do a rolling project of using up things from my samples drawer and try not to get more than one beauty box every few months. Most likey the Glamour box from latest in beauty as at least you know what you're getting. 

I've not decided how I'm going to do these yet. Whether to do them on a rolling basis and always have 7 items to use up or complete 7 then pick 7 more. Or A N Other way. Suggestions are very welcome. I'm also just going to tag updates on the end as it doesn't seem worth doing a whole other post. Does that seem ok? Or would 2 posts be better? Let me know. 

  1. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue foundation samples - This comes with 2 shades natural which I tried last week and is a good match for me. I wasn't totally sold on the formula but the small sachet you get was only enough for one application. The other colour is called Vanilla and I'm thinking it will be too pale but I'm going to give it a try to see if the consistency is the same. It hasn't made me want to rush out and buy it but it has made me curious to see if I can buy a small weeks worth sample (Can you do that?) to give it a real test. it's around £26 for 35ml, which is over £10 more than I'm currently paying for the foundation I really like using. I can't see this being a sales conversion. 
  2. Benefit Airpatrol - An eye primer which I got through the post thanks to taking a chance on a link I was sent on Twitter. I couldn't decide if it was spam but it came from someone I know and trust and decided to risk it. I've only used this one so far and I forgot to check if I noticed any benefit to using it (Pun may have been intended, forgive me? ) It went on nice enough and I'll report back on this one. 
  3. 2 x Vichy Serum. One of these doesn't seem to have much in. I can't remember if I've tried it but as they are exactly the same I thought I'd count them as one. 
  4. Pixi Glow Tonic - I feel a little intimidated by this. I've seen a lot of You Tubers talk about it and say how great it is, but do I really want to fall in love with this? It's around £18 for 250ml. That's not a lot of product for a lot of cash in my eyes. 
  5. Melting Cleansing balm - I'm really not sure there is enough in the sample to get an idea if I like this but going to give it try. 
  6. Palmers face wash and day cream - these feel like quite generous samples. I might be a little naive but I didn't realise Palmers did anything other than body lotions so I'm interested to see how I get on with these. I'm going away for the weekend at the end of the month and I will take this and hope if does the full weekend. 
  7. Treseme - shampoo and conditioner samples. These will also come away with me along with a mini set I found this afternoon. My hair takes a lot of washing at times so I think I'll need more than this for the weekend but again it feels like a generous sample size. 

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