Week 2 - #SlimmingWorld - Body Confidence & Body Shaming Meme's

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank you all for your support, I really was nervous telling you all I'd rejoined Slimming World and apart from the chest infection that is plaguing my body I'm feeling brilliant. I feel happy that my pain is reducing. I feel happy I seem to have a lot of support and I feel happy that no one has said stop posting about Slimming World. Yes I've had quite a few people unfollow me on Instagram and Twitter and I'm sad about that especially when I know who they are. I didn't think I was posting that much about it, so I will try and watch that.

In my second week I lost 6lbs, which was amazing. I was worried thinking my body might have gone into a defence mode from not eating. I've now lost 14lbs (A Stone) A Stone! Wow that is amazing for 2 weeks.

There isn't a food dairy this week as I spend from Friday - Monday in bed and I took the rest of the week off work sick. I know my loss is most likely a false loss and I'm hoping to maintain this loss. By the time this goes live I'll have been weighed again but as I type I have no idea how I've gone on.

Although there isn't a food diary, I will share a few photo's of some of the food I have eaten.

Home made fish pie, this was so yummy and a massive portion which I did finish. It had, broccoli, cauliflower, basa and I'm not sure how she did the sauce inside it but it was so tasty. 

While I was ill, I lived off toast, white toast, brown toast, fruit toast, toast toast, If I ever see toast again it will be too soon. The jacket potato was the first none toast item I ate in a week. It was really nice. I was surprised as it was a frozen McCain one. It does have some syns in and it was a little dry but I think I over cooked it. 

 My next none toast meal was a tuna salad, lots of vinegar on my tuna, which has always been my favourite way to have tuna. This was nice as it was the first meal that I could taste.

 A lot of people who do Slimming World live for recipes and different ways to cook. We don't, not really. We have a few firm favourites but recipes are not really followed and we tend to have things like roast meats, with veg but I digress. A recipe we have found is Jamaican Pepperpot stew, the recipe uses beef which we did try and it was good but we decided to use chicken (and we forgot to add butternut squash) and I think it was better.

Finally the best meal of the week was home made pizza, we use a warburtons sqaure wraps which are 8 syns each but worth it. This time round i'm all about using syns for meals over treats and this was well worth the syns.

What I wanted to use today's post for was to discus body confidence and body shaming. A few comments I have been left made me realise, while I'm not back at fully body confident I can be part of the process to help people become body confident and I might be a bit of a paradox while I feel vastly uncomfortable about myself at this very moment in time. If I went on holiday tomorrow I'd still wear a bikini. Where does that make me sit on the confidence scale? Is there a confidence scale?

As part of a support network for myself I've joined a number of closed slimming world groups on facebook and one of the biggest things that strikes me is the lack of body confidence. I don't want to point people out, they are closed groups and safe spaces. I want to give each person who says they can't wear jeans a hug and say yes you can. I want to get everyone of them in a room with a few plus size bloggers and say it's ok to wear jeans, It's ok to wear joggers, you can wear a dress, if you want to wear a dress. You are beautiful no matter what size you are. That label in your clothes does not make you who you are. On my first weigh in I was wearing size 24 jeans and a size 16 top. As an average I'm around a size 22 but as we all know it's not always right on the label.

Leading on from the lack of confidence is the body shaming. I'm still the eternal fence sitter and won't be dragged in to arguments but I'm sure every time a meme is posted, or if someone asks for outfit advice (because they're not being funny but.......) a little bit of my soul is destroyed. I'm not going to share the meme that infuriates me the most but it's a woman is a small bikini and some quip about I've bought it, i'm wearing it. It could be considered funny for a millisecond. I know lots of people sharing it but in reality if I took a picture of you on holiday and turned you in to a meme would you be happy.How can you expect people to feel confident when every few mins someone is poking fun at someone who is on the large side. Not even the large side in some cases.  Maybe I should say something, I know I should but sadly the trolls and keyboard warriors scare me a little but. I'll sit in my bubble and vent and fume and may be look a little bit miserable.

One good things I've come to realise I'm much further along my journey than I originally thought.

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