Weekend Break - Liverpool January 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Last year myself and my mum started a new tradition of a Mini Break at the very start of January. This year we chose to go to Liverpool. 

Last year I went to a couple of events in Liverpool but I didn't have the chance to explore the city, when we were trying to decide on a place Liverpool seemed like an obvious choice. 

I did vlog part of the weekend, it's a silent movie as I didn't pluck up the courage to speak publicly, but I'm happy I have a video record of the weekend. 

It was a weekend of coffee shops, cake and whetherspoons. We had planned for it to be a shopping weekend but we both felt really underwhelmed by what was in the shops. I got a few bits from New Look but it was homeware and accessories over anything else and we bought a couple of books from Tesco. 

The easiest way to our hotel was to go past Cafe Nero so it would have been rude not to pop in, when we went to check in the room wasn't ready but they let us leave our cases so before we went back a coffee and cake was the order of the day.

We'd started our adventure on New Years day, my dad had kindly driven us to Liverpool and we'd promised him lunch out. He decided he wanted to go to an Italian Cafe he'd been too before but it wasn't open. We felt bad for him but he didn't want to go anywhere else so he left us and went to Morrisons for his tea (He wasn't grumpy, he doesn't really do meals out and decided it was pointless to go somewhere else just for the sake of it) On the Saturday morning we went to whetherspoons for breakfast and both felt a bit delicate. We may have had one too many bottles of prossecco from spoons the night before. A cup of tea and papa's Italian cafe was just what we both needed. 

There were a few places I wanted to try. Leaf of Bold street but when we went over it was packed to the rafter and people where queueing outside. We decided we weren't that desperate to try it but it looks lovely inside. May be next time. 

By Saturday afternoon, the sun had come out and we decided to wander down to Albert Dock. We picked the right afternoon as the rest of the weekend was a bit of a wash out.

I loved seeing the love locks, I've never really seen this done over here. I know one of the bridges on Oxford Road in Manchester has a few but I've only ever seen it in Europe before. 

This seagull was very happy to pose for a couple of woman so I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a shot of it for myself.

The sun was a lovely addition to the afternoon, as was seeing these Jelly bean works of art in one of the shops.

I wouldn't have the time or patience to so anything like this but I'm quite in awe if how good they looked.

When ever we go away we always find a point of reference to have a a meeting point or a way to guide us home and the Christmas tree soon became our point. We wanted to use a lighty up reindeer but there were just too many of them to make it a real point of reference. 

On the Sunday I braved the weather to pop up to Georges Hall to see the Poppies, I wish the weather had been better but I'm so glad I saw them.

We stayed at the Novotel and despite it being very busy we had a great time, it's in a really good position and has a pool. We picked it because it had a pool but only used it once. I also managed to find at 8% discount code via my Work's Bupa membership scheme which is always a nice bonus. I need to remember about that for future trips away. 

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