10 Pan Challenge - Use till June

Monday, February 22, 2016

As we all know I love a good Ten Pan Challenge and I have a few on the go at the moment, Including Finish 16 in 16, Finish 7 by Spring and Use 7 Samples but why not start another one. 

My initial plan with this one is not to properly start using the products until my Finish 7 by Spring is over on 17th March. However as I've chosen mainly beauty products I'm going to start it now. 

For this challenge, I've purposely picked more beauty than make up products as I have a huge amount of them that I just don't use. I'm getting better at using makeup up and not just things that I put in my pan challenges. I'm pleased to report I have a couple of weeks left on a lipliner and eyeline and I'e hit pan on a concealer. 

I've included 3 make up items as I've decided that in each challenge I do I need to include another lip product so I work through the huge collection of them. I've put an eyeliner in to replace the one I'm about to use up and the shadow stick is for similar reasons. I have a few of them but they are neglected. 

My aim is to finish these all up by June but to use them consistently. When we get to June, I will decide if I want to carry on using them and maybe roll them over into another challenge or just use them. The other options will be to put them back on the shelf and use something else or get rid of them if they don't work for me. I'll try and mention below how much I think I'll be able to use of the product by June. 

Bourjois Khol & Contour Shadow & light in grey and pink

Apologies for the picture quality, It's on my list to retake the picture. This is a product I picked up ina duty free set a couple if years ago. I do like it but it's one I use a few times then put to one side. I really like the grey side and never knew what to do with the pink side but now I know I can use it as a shadow base or similar. I always thought of it as waterline shade but I don't like doing that and I don't think that's what it's intended purpose is. I think each side and two or three more sharpens left in it and I'm confident I can finish this by June.

Essence Stays No Matter What Shadow Stick in 01 Whipped White Frosting 

I have another one of these pencils in my Finish 16 in 16 challenge and I've really been enjoying it. I have always regretted buying this one as I felt it was too pale but now I'm quite pale I feel it will work better and now I have a better idea of how to use it I think I will be able to use a good portion of it.

Fearne Chubby Lipstick (No idea of the real name for this product)

My gut feeling is that this will be in the declutter pile, if I'm honest. It made it through my cull at the start of the year but like 90% of the lip products I own, I never reach for it. It's very similar to a lot of products I own and it was a sales bargain or a Christmas present from a couple of years ago. With all my challenges for the rest of the year I want to include a lip product to see how I feel about out. I do have a few in my yearly pan challenge and don't want to not use them but I feel like I need to be using a bit of everything that I own and this will give me a chance. My expectation for this is to wear it flat and not get much further than that.

Etre Belle Lipift Peel 

This came in a beauty box and initially I did use it quite a bit then it got put away and I haven't used it in months. I'm going to leave this by my bed and try and remember to use it before bed a few times a week. I'd like to use around half of it by June.

don#t knwo the brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm so bad at remembering to use body moisturiser, I had one in a challenge at the end of last year and I got into a good habit of using it and went through a couple of these. This was the next one on this list to use. The challenge ended and I've not moisturised since!

I like this pot as it came safety sealed and the lid is a flip top one which really appeals to me that I won't have to grapple with a screw thread when my hands are greasy.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

My feet are hideous, I suffer from dry skin on them always yet I never do anything about them till it's too late. My feet are starting to feel dry and I've decided I need to try and take preventative measures. I have a holiday in October and I don't want it to get to September and suddenly think shit why wasn't I doing something about it all year.

V05 Smoothly Does It

I'm a bit ashamed of how many hair products I own and don't use. I think I need to start doing haircare pan challenges (and hair bobble ones!)

I've had a while. I did use it regularly for a time then I tidied it away. I'd like to get through half of what's left.

Percy & Reed Hair Mousse 

I've used one of these before and like it, while I own a lot of hair products I very rarely use any so I thought I'd include it. I feel like it's small enough to use it all by June. This should probably be in the sample challenge but I have plenty of things for that challenge.

Neal's Yard Beauty Balm

Another one that should really be in the sample challenge. I love this product. I've had a full size one of these before and I feel like I can use all of this by June.

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Serum

Another beauty box product. I love this product it has a high retail value which makes me save it for best but I need to remember products goes off and it would be a shame to waste it. This is fairly full so I'm just going for consistent use. I also have no real way of measuring how well I'm doing with this.

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