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Monday, February 29, 2016

We all know I have a bit of a stationery addiction. Pens, pads, washi tape and anything else that comes under that umbrella. 

When I was in the works last week, I was tempted into a point of sale purchase of an erasable pen (or 2 for £1) I bought the blue & a pink one. I was sceptical. 

Remember the old blue and pink erasers where the blue was for pen but all it did was make the paper bobbly if you were lucky or in more normal cases ripped the paper. 

I have to say I was impressed. You need to wait till the ink is fully dry and then it does erase the ink. 

It does leave a bit of a shadow but that is more the indent of the pen in the paper more than the ink itself. 

I did go back and get the rest of the colours, I'm planning on using them in my planner and day to day diary.

I've now got eight of them, mainly because it was two for £1 and the original pink one I got the ink is a bit weak / pale. I think it might just be a bad one as the rest are fairly good colours and I'm not bothered enough to take it back.

As an example this is a note I wrote in my diary this morning with the orange pen.

About 4 hours later I rubbed out the bottom line, I did this quickly and not carefully and as you can see it's pretty much all gone. I think you can see a little bit towards the very end but as I said I did it quickly and not carefully.

The paper is fine and not damaged and I easily re-wrote back over it and the pen worked fine no issue writing over it.

I have to say I'm very impressed with them and they are a bargain price as well. I've googled them and they are retailing at about £2.35 with and RRP of £2.65 RRP.

I think the only colour I'm missing is black and I will be looking out for it as it would be interesting to see if the black ink erases just as well.

What pens are you loving at the moment?

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