January 2016 - Favourites

Friday, February 19, 2016

Where did January 2016 go? Has anyone seen it about? I already am one of those people who says times is flying by but it doesn't seem two mins since I was going to bed at 9pm on NYE 2016 and here we are in the last weekend of January 2016 as I write this. It may already be February by the time I publish this. (Or almost March as I've just found it my my drafts!)

If you've followed me for a while you will know I have an unconditional love for spreadsheets. Last year I used one as an editoral calendar and I had a spreadsheet where I recorded stats whenever I remembered to. (I don't really look at it other to remind myself how far I've come in a year - I may share some snipits if I get round to it)

I haven't set up an editorial calendar this year, I think it will less of a structure to this years blog posts. Posting when I have time, with what ever content I fancy. The only planned in post is my slimming world posts on Wednesdays. This might all change as you know I like to get myself organised. Sadly I spend so much time planning, I don't have time to post.

I've digressed, my love of spreadsheets has been extended to include one for monthly favourites. So I can keep track of things I've liked. Its all very well doing favourites posts but in 2015 I planned 12 and wrote maybe 2, I think I vlogged one and made me making a 2015 over all favourites post impossible, so much so I haven't bothered.

So while I'm updating my spreadsheet I will share with you my January 2016 Favourites

  • Makeup - Essense Black Kajal Pencil for tight lining, I've been using these for year but until quite recently I've only ever lined my lower lash line but I really love how this looks when you tight line with it. 
  • Beauty Product - Essie Nail treatments. I bought both of these last year but hardly used them. One of my goals this year is too look after my nails and decided to dig these two out. My nails seem to be in fairly reasonable condition and do feel fairly strong. 
  • Hair product - Alberto Balsam Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. The scent of these products has to be one of my all time favourite. I also really love how they make my hair feel and look.
  • Fashion item - Ecco Boots. They may not be the most stylish shoe I've ever owned but they are the comfiest. I've barely had them off my feet since I bought them. I've even worn them to work with a dress, 
  • TV Series - Bones New Series. I'm only 2 episodes in but I do love this show and I will be very sad to see it end. 
  • Book The Versions of Us - Laura Barnet 3.5*. I only managed to read one full book in January and I read it in one day. It was good but confusing. It's billed as Sliding Doors meets something else and it does have that sort of feel about it but there are more than 2 versions and some times more than one view point. I felt I needed to read it quickly to keep it all straight in my head but found myself constantly flicking back through past chapters to work out what was happening. I think it's well worth a read but it might need 2 or three read through's.   
  • Food - SW Friendly Pizza. I have promised to keep SW talk to a minimum but I think the best thing I've eaten all month is a home made pizza which is SW friendly (Uses syns and healthy extra's) it's made from a Warburtons Wholemeal Square Wrap, Mozzarella cheese, misc veg and ham toppings. Better than the pizza express pizza I had just before Christmas IMO. 
  • Drink - Orange,Pineapple and  Lemon Cordial. This isn't something I'd ever normally buy but over Christmas I got a taste for it and now I can't stop buying it. I think it's a tesco own brand one and it is in the double concentrate. I think it is the only Double concentrate that I only need a dash. 
  • Misc -  In other news that might not be important, but I might want reminding of at some point in the future. I had my hair cut. I took the plunge and went shorter. After 2 years of growing my hair, I thought why am I growing it? All I ever do is scrape it back, JUST CUT IT OFF. In other not so great news I had a chest infection which floored me for well over a week. 
  • Holidays / Weekends Away - January and already two mini breaks one to Liverpool & the other to Harrogate. 
  • Fails / Dislikes - My chest infection and my whole family being ill with colds and chest infections 
Over all and not counting the Chest Infection, It was a pretty decent month. How was your January? Tell me all about it in the comments. 

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